Merengue XIII

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It is a more severe situation than kidnapping. The princess has brought out the treasure of the country. Merengue XIII (translated)

Merengue XIII is a character in the Kirby series. He appears in the Kirby of the Stars: Meta Knight and the Apostle Princess novel. He is the father of Princess Marona.

Physical Appearence

Like his daughter, Merengue XIII is a anthropomorphic maltese that has a stubby nose, small dot-like eyes, stubby feet and hair and a mustache that looks like whipped cream. Like Marona, he wears a crown with a gemstone, a shoulder warmer with way more frills and much bigger compared to his daughter's, and he is seen almost always carrying a cane. Under the shoulder warmer, it appears to lay a tuff of chest hair.


"Merengue" is a corruption of the word meringue, which refers to a type of dessert.

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