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Sorry, Tuff. Just doin' my job.
— Melman • Kirby's Duel Role

Melman is an elderly Cappy and the one mailman of Cappy Town. Based on his knowledge of where people live, one can infer that he has a good memory. In the episode Born to Be Mild - Part II, it is discovered that he is also the legendary biker, Steppenwolf.

In Waddle While You Work, Melman claims that King Dedede gets a lot of bills before putting it on a shelf. In the beginning of Like Mother, Like Snail / Escargoon Rules, he gives Escargoon a letter while saying, "just the usual love letter," supporting that he reads the messages he delivers.

To date, his younger personality remains unknown.


Steppenwolf is Melman's alter ego. He is a legend among bikers according to Gus when he revealed that he had been part of Fang's motorcycle gang when he was younger. Steppenwolf asserts that being a biker isn't about breaking laws and being a vandal—it's about freedom. He hadn't been seen in years at the time.

Steppenwolf is simply Melman garbed in a Gothic gray T-shirt with a heart on it and wearing a light brown vest over it, as well as a belt. He wears a green bandana and a brown helmet over it, and wears sunglasses. He rides on a red motorcycle.

Later, Fang, Rip, and Turbo roared into Cappy Town looking for Steppenwolf, who eventually went back in business during the village's second race. He entered the race to help the others best Fang in the race. After easily besting Fang again, Steppenwolf left the Dedede speedway, where the second race was held. Later, as the speedway crumbled, burying Wheelie in the rubble, Kirby and his friends found out in surprise that Steppenwolf was Melman (which could have been seen rather easily due to the remarkably similar look on the two of them).

Physical Appearance

Melman is a short, elderly male Cappy whose only pieces of clothing include a turquoise mailman's cap and a light brown bag often worn over his shoulders. He occasionally carries around a light brown walking stick as well. His face is heavily obscured, most of the time, by his large moustache and beard and large bushy eyebrows; the few times his eyes are ever seen include some instances as shown in episodes like eNeMeE Elementary and Power Ploy.


Melman often complains about the physical complications that come from his advanced elderly age, which his main personality traits stem from. He is somewhat aloof and cranky, but is nevertheless determined, studious, and a good Samaritan. The fact that he often has to recover from being run over by people on the road - whether intentionally or not - shows how surprisingly durable he is for his old age.


His name is based on the word "mailman," referencing his occupation.


Not much today, just the usual love letter.
— Melman • Like Mother, Like Snail / Escargoon Rules
I think the King is gonna need his own zip code.
— Melman • Fitness Fiend
Huh? What's the matter? That King Dedede sure does get a lot of bills. There's a new one every day! Sometimes I wonder if he ever pays any of 'em.
— Melman • Waddle While You Work
Sounds to me like the roar of an engine. Maybe two or three of 'em.
— Melman • Born to Be Mild - Part I
Don't worry, Tiff. Fang may be plenty tough but Gus is a better biker.
— Melman • Born to Be Mild - Part II


  • In one of the episodes of the anime, Melman swears he doesn't read any of the letters he is supposed to deliver. This is contradicted in another episode, as he mentions that he looks over King Dedede's mail before mailing it to him.
  • Steppenwolf is named after the rock band of the same name. This band made the song "Born to be Wild," which the title of Born to Be Mild - Part I and Part II is based on.