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Mecha Kracko is a cloud-creating robotic version of Kracko, later revealed to be piloted by Doc. Its first and so far only appearance is in Kirby: Squeak Squad as the boss of Cushy Clouds.

Physical Appearance

Built in the likeness of Kracko itself, Mecha Kracko is a cycloptic cloud creature. As opposed to Kracko's light-colored white clouds, Mecha Kracko has gray clouds surrounding its eye, much like Space Kracko. It has four long brass spikes piercing through its veil of clouds. Mecha Kracko's eye is nearly identical to that of Kracko, with the only difference being its green coloration rather than blue.

As revealed halfway through the battle, Mecha Kracko is one of Doc's creations, simultaneously polluting and living in Cushy Clouds' airways. Beneath Mecha Kracko's stormy cloud cover, Doc resides in a cockpit at its core.


Kirby: Squeak Squad

The fight against Mecha Kracko is divided into two separate phases: once its first health bar is fully depleted, Mecha Kracko will begin its second phase and gain a new health bar. While in the first phase, Mecha Kracko borrows many elements from past Kracko battles. Once in its second phase, however, Mecha Kracko begins to unleash many new attacks never before seen in the series.

For the first part of the fight, Mecha Kracko drops Waddle Dees, Starmen, and Waddle Doos, and performs Kracko's floor sweep maneuver. After being damaged enough, Doc activates Mecha Kracko's electrical attacks. Mecha Kracko then sweeps through the cloud platforms below, destroying them, and then makes another pass, creating new cloud platforms in a different arrangement than before. Afterward, the battle continues as normal. Mecha Kracko can create a green electrical force field around its body, summon the aforementioned enemies, and change the placement of the platforms at will. Mecha Kracko will also move across the top of the screen shooting down three consecutive energy blasts onto the clouds. After landing the finishing blow, the machine explodes and Doc falls to the floor unconscious.


  • Mecha Kracko shares numerous similarities with the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! incarnation of Kracko: Both are capable of generating green lightning bolts rather than traditional whitish-blue ones, and the storm clouds that Mecha Kracko is fought in is similar to the swirling, stormy vortex where Kirby fought Kracko in A Dark and Stormy Knight.
  • Kracko's Pause Screen description when played on Very Hard difficulty in Kirby Fighters Deluxe indicates that Kracko is aware of this robotic replacement in Kirby: Squeak Squad and is emotionally hurt by it.