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The mask that King Dedede used was the Mask of Dark Bonds. In his eagerness to beat Kirby, King Dedede used the fearsome power of the mask, causing the king and the knight to lose sight of themselves. Kirby and his buddy used the power of their bond to strike the horrifying mask with the Buddy Star Blaster, shattering it spectacularly. However, King Dedede and Meta Knight's power was genuine, flowing from their deepened bond. Even without the mask, they would have been worthy opponents.
— Narration • Kirby Fighters 2

The Mask of Dark Bonds is a pair of items in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Fighters 2.

Physical Appearance

King Dedede and Meta Knight wear the masks.

Each mask is a blue-gray hue with gold trim. King Dedede's mask fits his head shape, with two separate eyeholes and a salient mouth cover. His is the larger of the two and has three sharp spikes entending from the bottom of the face. The mask has many golden spikes protruding from it, with two small ones above each eye, a massive one on the forehead, and a curved one on the left side of the helm. One exaggeratedly large, crescent-shaped spike extends from the right side as well, creating the illusion that a crescent moon is piercing the wearer's head. This mask has an angular back with a massive white plume flowing from it.

Meta Knight's mask is designed to fit his body, with his proportions taken into account and a single visor for his eyes. His mask has two separated, angular flaps on its face rather than spikes. The spikes on this mask are like Dedede's, but the crescent moon extends from the left side and ends at the right. Three blue points rise from the top of Meta Knight's head. This mask has a massive red plume flowing from its back.

When wearing the masks, Dedede's and Meta Knight's eyes turn red with black scleras. They crackle with red and pink electricity and flame effects. The team's weapons are modified with golden spikes and crescent moon-shaped blades; the latter mimic the positions of the masks' crescents. Each weapon also has a white or red plume dangling from its pommel.


Kirby Fighters 2

After King Dedede and Meta Knight lose to Kirby and his buddy in Chapter 4 of Story Mode: The Destined Rivals, Kirby leaves the Buddy Fighters Tower thinking his mission is complete. The sky suddenly darkens, and amid lightning storms the tower rises to the point of "piercing the heavens." The heroes sense an ominous aura and climb back to the top, only to battle Dedede and Meta Knight once again at the Summit. When defeated, Meta Knight's mask breaks and Dedede reveals the cause of the tower's eeriness: the Mask of Dark Bonds. He tosses one sinister helm to his partner and dons one himself, transforming the duo into Waning Crescent Masked Dedede & Waxing Crescent Masked Meta Knight. Both foes succumb to the mask's evil as their power grows.

Waning Crescent Masked Dedede & Waxing Crescent Masked Meta Knight combine their forces for a powerful attack.

Due to the mask's intensity, the battle with these opponents is slightly different from the one fought in Chapter 4. The most apparent change is the amount of damage each attack does—the boss's collective strength is greatly amplified. When using their team strike, they rise into the air and move slightly left or right, so the ensuing energy pillar reaches one edge of the screen. Rather than knocking four stone structures across the ground, Waning Crescent Masked Dedede launches six, and each one is aimed at Kirby's vertical position. Waxing Crescent Masked Meta Knight can launch four Sword Beams instead of two, and his partner can reflect one, splitting it into nine smaller beams. Waning Crescent Masked Dedede can inhale four cloned Waxing Crescent Masked Meta Knights and spit them out. They home in on Kirby and/or his buddy rather than flying in a set direction.

In the end, the Buddy Star Blaster descends in a shaft of light, enabling Kirby and his buddy to devastate the foes. As the king and knight launch into the distance, the evil presence inside the Mask of Dark Bonds dissipates. The epilogue reveals that in truth, Dedede and Meta Knight's strength came from their improved personal bond, not the masks they wore. They would have been mighty adversaries even without the mask's influence.

Related Quotes

Wearing the mysterious masks that hid the knight's true nature, they are like the waning and waxing crescent moons in the moonlight! Old rivals prepare to meet their destiny. The time is ripe. Let the battle be joined!
— Waning Masked Dedede & Waxing Masked Meta Knight • Kirby Fighters 2


  • The Waning Masked Dedede & Waxing Masked Meta Knight Pause Screen description specifically states that Meta Knight's true nature is concealed by the Mask of Dark Bonds. It makes no mention of Dedede's. This could imply that Dedede's nature in Kirby Fighters 2 is just as ruthless as it is when wearing the mask.
  • This is the only instance where Meta Knight lingers after his usual mask is broken and puts on a new one.


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