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Mandola Root
Name (JP) マンドラディッシュ (Mandoradisshu)
- Meaning Madoradish
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PropertiesDestroys Durable Blocks, used to defeat Gigant Chicks

Mandola Roots[1] are large, white turnips with faces encountered in Kirby: Triple Deluxe. They are found in Stage 1 of Old Odyssey and Stages 7 and 8 of Royal Road. When yanked out of the ground with the Hypernova ability, they are launched into the air and can smash Durable Blocks. They are also used to fight the Gigant Chicks. Occasionally, Kirby may pull out a female Mandola Root, which is thinner, has a magenta hue, and has longer roots. Female Mandola Roots are different only in appearance; their effects on enemies and Durable Blocks are the same.

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  • The idea of using Mandola Roots to attack foes may have been inspired by Super Mario Bros. 2, a game in which turnips appear commonly for the purpose of defeating enemies.
  • The long roots seen on a female Mandola Root resemble a pair of long legs, which is a reference to one stereotype of womanly beauty.
  • There is a stringed instrument called a mandola, but this does not seem to have any relation with the Mandola Root.



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