Magic Yarn

Kirby and Prince Fluff obtain the magic yarn.

The magic yarn is a collectible item in the Kirby series, appearing in the games Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. There are a total of eight strands of the yarn. The magic yarn keeps Patch Land together, and without it, Patch Land is nothing but several, separated masses of land.


The magic yarn is just a really long, glowing milky white strand of string.


The main villain of the games, Yin-Yarn, stole the eight pieces of magic yarn and gave seven of them to guardians he had created or brainwashed to protect. Yin-Yarn placed a guardian in each world of Patch Land. Every time a guardian is defeated, the magic yarn will stitch two pieces of Patch Land together. After Kirby and Prince Fluff collect seven pieces, they can access the now yarnified Dream Land, where the final battle with Yin-Yarn ensues. After Yin-Yarn is defeated, he uses the power of the magic yarn to turn into Mega Yin-Yarn. After Tankbot Kirby defeats Mega Yin-Yarn, the sorcerer will finally be defeated, giving the heroes the final piece of yarn to restore Patch Land and Dream Land back to normal.


  • Oddly, the unnamed creature that Kirby and Prince Fluff got the first strand of magic yarn from is never seen or fought outside of the one cutscene it appears in.