Conjure lots of things from a magic hat!
— Kirby Battle Royale - Kirby's 25th Anniversary Copy Ability Poll

Magic is one of Kirby's Copy Abilities, first featuring as a one-use ability in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, but was changed to a normal ability in Kirby: Squeak Squad.

General Information

The only enemy that Magic can be obtained from is the mid-boss Boxy. Its trademark is a recherché top hat adorned with a snazzy gold ribbon.

Originally, its only function was a unique roulette wheel with several (usually somewhat impractical) outcomes. Now, however, it is an advantageous ability which is appropriate in nearly any circumstances. In both of its appearances, the Magic ability is rather hard to come across, and can only be acquired by inhaling Boxy.

Magic currently features a whole slew of rather deadly (yet certainly light-hearted) magic tricks ranging from a flock of doves, razor-sharp cards, and even the original roulette feature.


Move Controls Description
Luck of the Draw
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Hold B
A set of cards circles around Kirby until it stops randomly or until button "B" is pressed again or released; this will consume the top hat and Kirby will return to his "Normal" status.

Landing on:

  •  ?: Kirby gets a random Copy Ability
  • 1UP: all enemies and defeated mid-bosses on-screen become 1UPs (unavailable in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror’s Boss Endurance)
  • Cherry: all enemies and defeated mid-bosses on-screen become Food
  • Invincibility Candy: Temporary invincibility (In Kirby & The Amazing Mirror: never an available option in Boss Endurance; an available option during Boss battles; however, if the candy is obtained, no invincibility is granted; this is also the case in Warp Star rooms entered just before goal games)
  • Galaxia: Meta Knight will appear and slice all enemies on-screen 

KSQSQ logo
Requires Ability Scroll; Meta Knight is replaced by a fireworks display with the same effect
Doves B Kirby lowers his hat and three doves fly out in different directions, and then vanish when they hit something.
Card Trick ← or → + B Kirby throws three cards forwards. The cards can cut ropes and grass.
Jack-in-the-Box ↑ + B Kirby lowers his hat and an oversized clown head on a spring pops out. After bouncing around for a few times it goes back into Kirby's hat. This can also push down stakes like the Hammer ability.

Flavor Texts

GameFlavor text
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No telling what will happen when you use it, but... once you use it, you lose it!
KSQSQ logo
Gather 'round and look closely! Nothing in my hand! Nothing in my sleeve!


  • As with most abilities, the color of the cards, clown head, the band on the hat, and doves are often altered to match the color of Kirby when Spray Paint is used on him. This is most noticeable when Ivory Spray Paint is enabled.

Volume #22 cover of the manga.

  • In the cover of the 22nd volume of Kirby of the Stars: The Story of Dedede Who Lives in Pupupu, appears a magic-like copy ability.
  • In Kirby: Squeak Squad, if Kirby waits long enough without moving, a tiny door opens on the front of the hat and a Kirby figure comes out, it jumps on the edge of the hat. When the real Kirby tries to look at the figure, it promptly goes back into the hat before the door closes.
    • This could be a reference to the Mini ability that is used in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror.
  • In Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, one of the possible one-time abilities to gain was for Meta Knight to destroy everything on screen. It is not explained how this is possible, as Meta Knight is trapped in the Dimension Mirror.
  • In Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, the "Galaxia" option doesn't light fuses to cannons, even though this sword lights fuses in other games; if any of Kirby's friends gain this option from the Magic ability, Kirby will be able to move around during Meta Knight's appearance: Meta Knight immediately vanishes (right when he's typically out of sight when Kirby himself gains the "Galaxia" option and is frozen in awe).
  • If the player has completed the Ghost Medal and has not finished the Secret Map, then it becomes almost impossible to acquire Magic again unless Kirby goes to the extra stage in Secret Sea.
  • When playing Boss Endurance in Kirby: Squeak Squad, if Kirby gets the 1UP option with one of his attacks, he will receive the 1UP. This is notable because Kirby normally has only one life to beat the sub-game with.
  • Magic is the only ability that has appeared both as a one-use ability and a normal Copy Ability.

Concept art for Magic

  • Concept artwork seems to suggest that a Copy Ability named Card was considered for Kirby Super Star. The sketch of the ability reveals that Card Kirby would have had the same appearance as Magic Kirby and used a similar playing card-based attack (a move that the Magic ability would not gain until Kirby: Squeak Squad, despite debuting in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror).




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