The Love-Love Stick is a legendary item that Kirby wields to battle Dark Matter and Zero. It is also considered a copy ability, though he doesn't need to inhale it to gain its power. It is a red and yellow striped wand that begins at a point and ends at a flat surface topped with a golden heart. It is also known by fans as the Heart Rod.

The item only appears in Kirby's KiraKira Kids and Kirby's Dream Land 3 where it must be obtained in order to defeat the final boss, Dark Matter. It is unlocked by collecting each of the thirty Heart Stars from every stage in the game. Various friends and allies will reward Kirby with one at the end of a stage if he completes some task during the level. This ranges from finding items, solving mini-games, or bringing by an Animal Friend for a visit.

The Love-Love Stick is only used by Kirby in the last level, Hyper Zone. It is used to battle three different incarnations of the final boss. When it is swung, a heart-shaped shot is thrown out. These are used to attack the enemy. There is no limit to the use of these attacks, just as with the Star Rod and other end-game abilities.

In Kirby Super Star Stacker, Kirby uses the Love-Love Stick to whack his opponent when he gets large chains cleared.

Move Set

Move Controls Description Element
Swing B Kirby swings his Love-Love Stick, as he swings hearts will fly out and damage enemies None

Animal Friends

Move Controls Description Element
Gooey B Gooey becomes a miniature version of Dark Matter and can spit out an infinite number of stars. None


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