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Lord James Coleet was a bird who was said to have been stolen from royalty by pirates led by the legendary Captain Kick. Since then, he sailed the seven seas with his new owners and eventually ended up shipwrecked on the beaches of Dream Land with them. They buried their treasure within a dark cave, and eventually, as years passed, passed away. Later, during the events of the anime episode Buccaneer Birdy, the Cappies learned and believed that Tokkori was a descendant of Lord James Coleet when Professor Curio found out that Lord James Coleet looked strikingly like Tokkori. This was, however, not the case. It was eventually proven when Tokkori came across a complete picture with his so-called ancestor in it, to find out that his ancestor was a parrot! However, Tiff was able to modify and alter the picture so that therefore the Cappies would still think Tokkori being descended from Lord James was true.

Physical Appearance

Surprisingly, Lord James Coleet looks strikingly like Tokkori, complete with purple legs, yellow feathers, and the same eyes as Tokkori. The difference is that the feathers on top of his head are bent down neatly, and he wears a purple ribbon around his body and a purple pirate captain's hat with a skull on it similar to Captain Kick's hat, and he wears silver ropes with tags around the intersections between his body and wings. In the imaginations of everyone today, Lord James' beak was similar to Tokkori's; in truth, Lord James is really a parrot, complete with a parrot-like beak.

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