Conduct electricity by mixing the Needle power-up with a Spark. Electrified Kirby will zap enemies above and beside him.[1]
— Description • Nintendo Power (Volume #134)

Lightning Rod[2] is a Power Combo from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. Kirby gets it by combining Needle with Spark. Lightning comes down and hurts or KOs enemies. This power can still be used indoors, but the lightning just comes from the platform above. The lightning rod is reminiscent of Kracko's traditional lightning attack, the main difference being Kracko lasts until he goes to the end of the screen. Kirby's rod however, appears for one second.

Spark's expanded moveset in Kirby's Return to Dream Land allows Kirby to perform a very similar move.

Move Set

Move Controls Description Element
Lightning Bolt B Kirby sticks a long needle out of his head which attracts electricity that will shock enemies. Zap

Related Quotes

Kirby turns into a lightning rod that is immediately struck by lightning.
— Description • Official Strategy guide
Kirby becomes a short lightning rod that fires off a bolt of electricity, zapping enemies who may have wandered too close.
— Description • Official Strategy guide


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