Lift is one of Kirby's abilities, first appearing in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. It is the act of holding an object above Kirby's head, which can then be thrown.

To do this, Kirby inhales any object, ability star, or regular enemy, but then holds it above his head instead of swallowing it. In this state, Kirby cannot float but can otherwise move around, and he can do either one of two things with the overhead object—put it back into his mouth or throw it. Depending on what the object is, either holding it or throwing it may have slightly different effects, but for the vast majority of objects they either have no effect or behave the way as if they were spit out, for holding and throwing respectively.

Kirby can once again grab and hold objects above his head, and throw them, in Kirby Battle Royale. Items are picked up with R, and thrown with B or Y.


Regular objects like Star Blocks are simply thrown in a straight, horizontal line. They lose their inherent properties as well, such as Poppy Bros. Jr.'s bombs losing its explosive effect.

Regular enemies

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Neither bosses nor mid-bosses can be inhaled in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, so only regular enemies are applicable. If the enemy is thrown, it will either do damage to bosses/mid-bosses; defeat a regular enemy; or if a Power Combo is valid, combine with the enemy to form a Power Combo star. Scarfy cannot be held as it cannot be inhaled.

  • Bronto Burt flutters its wings if Kirby tries to hold it, but it brings him a good distance off the ground. When thrown it flies horizontally until it dissipates.
  • Spark-i fires three sparks horizontally in a spread.
  • Bouncy falls and bounces along the ground when thrown.
  • Glunk rapidly fires projectiles upwards when held.
  • Mite burrows into the ground if he touches it.
  • Tick actively attacks enemies with his upright needle when held.
  • Cairn falls apart when thrown and deals damage in a spread.
  • Bumber will slow Kirby's descent through the air, much like the Parasol ability would (this could be considered Parasol's "replacement," as the ability isn't in the game).
  • Fishbone continually fires its head as a projectile.
  • Propeller will fly Kirby off the ground until it hits a ceiling or vertical barrier.
  • Bo appears above Kirby's head for a second before immediately disappearing.
  • Kany actively snips at enemies above Kirby.
  • Pteran allows Kirby to glide.
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