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Be careful when you wake up Buzzybat. His family will swarm around him. They're all dangerous, I tell you!
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack

Li'lbat is an enemy in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Mass Attack.

Physical Appearance

Li'lbat is a black bat with large, round blue eyes. It has small black wings and two large fangs. Its facial structure resembles that of a cat. When enraged, the enemy's eyes invert, switching the colors of its pupils and scleras. It also reveals two tiny canine teeth in its bottom jaw.

Li'lbat is one of Buzzybat's many relatives, along with Pricklebat.


Kirby Mass Attack

Li'lbat appears exclusively in Stage 9 of Volcano Valley as a minion of the mid-boss Buzzybat. Buzzybat begins the fight by hiding behind two rows of nine Li'lbats that fly in opposite directions. The Kirbys must grab and defeat enough of them to open a gap, then reach for the mid-boss.

In the next phase of the fight, Buzzybat flies around the arena surrounded by a large Pricklebat and two clusters of six Li'lbats. The easiest way to reach the mid-boss is to dodge the Pricklebat and break down the clusters. In the third phase, Buzzybat surrounds himself with three pairs of Li'lbats separated from each other by a small Pricklebat. The mid-boss occasionally rotates them around at a blinding speed, which stuns any Kirby who touches touches them.

Whenever a Kirby touches Buzzybat, all minions on the screen vanish. If the player ever takes too long to attack Buzzybat, he consumes all his minions and transforms into his Mono Grave form.


  • Li'lbat and Caper are the only mid-boss-exclusive enemies to have official artwork. Of the two, Li'lbat is the only one whose artwork is separate from the respective mid-boss.
    • Li'lbat's artwork reuses the basis of Buzzybat's artwork, merely changing the colors and removing details from the eyes.