Fight like a force of nature using leaf attacks!
— Kirby Battle Royale - Kirby's 25th Anniversary Copy Ability Poll

Leaf is one of Kirby's Copy Abilities. It was introduced in Kirby's Return to Dream Land.

General Information

The Leaf ability grants Kirby the power to to create and control leaves. He can perform many far-reaching attacks, as well as a special guard that renders him impervious to all attacks, much like Tac's hiding guard.


Move Controls Description Notes
Leaf Attack Button 1 Kirby tosses a few leaves which swirl upwards at about 30 degrees in a broad spiral.
This move only throws two leaves, but can now be used in succession.
Leaf Swirl Hold button 1 Kirby spins in a twirl and can move about on the ground like Tornado with leaves spinning about him. The attack lasts as long as the button is held. This leads up to the Leaf Scatter attack. N/A
Leaf Scatter Leaf Swirl, then release button 1 The leaves spinning around Kirby now fan out in a wide radius, ending the Leaf Swirl. Kirby is invincible when the move is initiated. N/A
Leaf Dance Dash + hold button 1 Kirby dashes with a vortex of leaves surrounding him. This move is very similar to Tornado's basic attack, but it ends after a few seconds. N/A
Leaf Hide Button A Kirby performs a special guard move by hiding in a green pile of leaves. This lasts as long as the button is held. N/A
Leaf Uppercut ↑ + button 1 Kirby conjures up a column of large leaves in front of him. It has a very quick starting animation and reaches quite high vertically, making it useful on aerial enemies. N/A
Leaf Rain (midair) ↓ + button 1 Kirby throws five leaves downward and forward while in midair, dealing moderate damage to enemies slashed by them.
Kirby now throws three leaves instead of five in a much narrower arc. It can no longer be used in quick succession.

Damage Values

Move Damage 20111024
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Damage[1] 20161006
Leaf Attack 8 (1st hit), 7 (2nd, 3rd hits) 5
Leaf Swirl 12 (1st hit), 10 (repeat hits) 12 (1st hit), 2 (repeat hits)
Leaf Scatter 30 33
Leaf Dance 28 per hit (2 hits) 24 (1st hit), 4 (intermediate hits), 33 (final hit)
Leaf Hide 12 (release) 12 (release)
Leaf Uppercut 24 24
Leaf Rain 28 28

Flavor Texts

GameFlavor text
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It's time to dance! The Leaf Dance creates a gorgeous swirl of razor-edged leaves. Press A to Guard, and...huh?! You're gone!
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Be a leaf on the wind with this sharp ability. Spin up a torrent of dancing leaves to slice and dice, or activate your Guard and-- Hey, where'd you go?!

In Other Languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
Japanese リーフ Translates to Leaf.
English Leaf
Korean 리프 Translates to Leaf.
German Laub Translates to Leaves.
French Feuille Translates to Leaf.
Italian Foglia Translates to Leaf.
Spanish Hoja Translates to Leaf.


  • Leaf is one of four abilities with a voluntary form that makes the player invulnerable to nearly all forms of damage. The other three are Archer with its Camoflauge, Stone while encased in the rock, and Smash Bros., when using the Stone attack.




Other Ability Icons


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