SS Laser Ball

Laser Ball is a common enemy in Kirby games. It is an orange ball with eyes that fires lasers. Similar to most other enemies, Laser Ball also sometimes comes in other colors. Its first appearance was in Kirby's Adventure, and has appeared in almost every game following. In the majority of it's appearances, Laser Ball gives the Laser ability when inhaled.


Kirby's Adventure and Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland

Laser Ball flies around trying to stay on the same plane as Kirby. When he starts to glow he will shoot a laser, or possibly a long stream of them. soon after it shoots, Laser Ball flies away. If Kirby eats one, he gets the Laser ability.

Laser Ball also appears in Ice Cream Island's Museum alongside Hot Head.

Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra

Laser Ball appears with the same behavior, except he can now bounce his lasers off of nothing. Also, he doesn't give Laser in this appearance- instead he gives Beam.

Kirby & the Amazing Mirror

How to the defeat Laser Ball

Attack Name Controls Description Element
Cutter Boomerang B or Y A boomerang that will fly forward and damage Laser Ball. In most games it can be controled with ↑ or ↓. By jumping over the blade, Kirby can hit Laser Ball behind him. None
Cutter Dash B or Y + Dash Kirby uses the blade like a sword and swings it to damage Laser Ball. None
Sweep Cutter Hold B or Y (Midair) Kirby throws a cutter boomerang like normal, but holds out another Cutter while doing it, therefore doing a little extra damage Laser Ball. None
Cutter Drop Down + B or Y (Midair) Kirby holds his cutter in front of him as he falls damaging Laser Ball. By dashing in midair the attack goes slightly faster. None
Cleaving Cutter/Nonstop Cutter/Final Cutter Up/Down/Forward + B or Y (Near Enemy) Kirby attacks using his cutter as a sword. After two slashes he jumps in the air and finishes the Laser Ball in a final huge slash which generates an energy wave on the ground that explodes on contact with a wall. This move is sometimes used by Sword, but with the first two slashes removed. None

Other Games

In Kirby Squeak Squad, Laser Ball appears with the same behavior from Kirby's Adventure and once again gives Laser when swallowed.


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