Lady Ivy is a boss appearing in Kirby Mass Attack. She serves as the boss of Sandy Canyon. The main feature of this boss battle is the large seesaw and the thorny plants below it. Lady Ivy rules over the Stacti. The player must have all 10 Kirbys before going to fight her. Lady Ivy appears again on Necro Nebula, this time only requiring one Kirby.

Physical Appearance

Lady Ivy is a large, serpent-like plant. She has a large, round purple head with pink lips. She has a red-petaled flower with a yellow middle that serves as a hat. Her black eyes are surrounded by by an eight-pointed leaf. Lady Ivy has a serpent like body composed of green, thorny spheres. She also has a large tail with a bulbous red ball at the end.


Lady Ivy's primary attack is trying to ram the Kirbys from below. If the Kirbys are below her when she does this attack, they will be flipped backwards and possibly land in the thorns below. However, this attack will momentarily stun her.

Occasionally, she will spit out between 1-3 seeds. If she spits out 1 or 2 seeds, they will transform into Stacti and distract Kirby from attacking the boss. If she spits out 3 seeds, they will transform into wooden arrows that will slowly descend and harm any Kirby that comes in contact with it.

Lady Ivy's final attack include her wrapping her tail on the left side of the seesaw. This will prevent the seesaw from moving. The Kirbys must destroy the bulbous red ball at the end to free the seesaw from her grip. While the Kirbys are busy destroying the tail, she may spit out some Stacti or wooden arrows.

How to Defeat

To defeat Lady Ivy, the Kirbys will have to allow Lady Ivy to stun herself by hitting the bottom of the seesaw. While she is stunned, the Kirbys should move to part of the seesaw right above her. This will cause the seesaw to tip on the side where the Kirbys placed their weight and will hit Lady Ivy on the head. This must be done five times in order to defeat her.


  • Lady Ivy has similar appearance to a Piranha Plant from the Mario series.


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