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Kirby... I'm scared... But we can't stop now. We have to keep going!
— Elfilin • Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Lab Discovera is the seventh and final level of Kirby and the Forgotten Land's main story. It is where the game's true antagonist, Fecto Forgo (aka specimen ID-F86) resides and mind controls the entirety of the Beast Pack as they search for their missing counterpart Elfilin (aka sub-specimen ID-F87).

Lab Discovera is unlocked by completing Redgar Forbidden Lands and is immediately entered after defeating Forgo Dedede. Its completion unlocks the game's extra mode.


This level has one stage, serving as the final stage for the main story. Here, Kirby must make his way into the lab to recover Elfilin after King Dedede carries him off here. As the elevator rises, an automatic message system activates and tells Kirby about "specimen ID-F86", and how they invaded the new world before being captured and then experimented on by Lab Discovera's research team before a "warp related accident" caused the being to be split in two thirty years after their original capture. Upon reaching the holding place of ID-F86, the leader of the Beast Pack, Leongar, reveals his intentions to merge Elfilin with ID-F86 to allow his people to reach for "a land of dreams". He is defeated, and Elfilin is freed, but ID-F86, aka Fecto Forgo, who is revealed to have been controlling Leongar and summoning the Waddle Dees to the power the lab, furiously announces their intent to consume everything, starting with members of the Beast Pack. This allows them to become a chimera-like abomination that chases Kirby until he defeats them; however, Fecto Forgo is able to snatch and assimilate Elfilin, allowing them to become Fecto Elfilis once more. Kirby defeats this form as well before separating the two with Mouthful Mode, which causes Fecto Elfilis to dissolve. Full of rage, Fecto Elfilis decides to have Planet Popstar crash into the world to destroy everything, but with the use of a big-rig truck, Kirby runs them over before landing back on Planet Popstar.

Later on, a phantom variant of Lab Discovera called Forgo Land was discovered to have been created by Fecto Forgo's psychic powers. The only parts seen there consist of the corridor to specimen ID-F86's observation room and inside that room with the original Eternal Capsule formerly holding Fecto Forgo, albeit shattered mirroring the aftermath of the confrontation against Leon and Fecto Forgo's subsequent breakout.

Related Quotes

Automatic language detection...activated. Authentication system...activated. Authenticating... Authenticating... Entry code approved. Initiating facility navigation protocol.
— Lab Discovera automated systems • Kirby and the Forgotten Land
Welcome, visitors, to the Dream Discoveries Tour of our science facility, Lab Discovera! On this thrilling tour, you'll be introduced to the ultimate life-form, specimen ID-F86! From the moment ID-F86 arrived on our planet, it began a campaign of destruction that threatened the native wildlife of our entire world. Luckily, our research team managed to capture it before it could complete its invasion. Once it was contained, our lab began studying ID-F86's spatial teleportation ability— Research that laid the groundwork for the planetary warp technology we enjoy today! However, 30 years after our research began, a "warp-experiment incident" occurred in this facility. A new life-form, separated from the main specimen, escaped in the aftermath. That new subspecimen has yet to be recovered. In the time since, ID-F86 has shown no signs of activity. It is now kept in a state of permanent stasis within the custom-made Eternal Capsule here on the top level of Lab Discovera. And here we are! Let's meet the ultimate life-form: Specimen ID-F86!
— The Dream Discoveries Tour • Kirby and the Forgotten Land


  • The sound played before the guide announcement is a term in Morse Code, which spells out "EFILLIN", the Japanese name of Elfilin.