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Feeling injured? Then take some of this. Take it, and your fading life will be restored. (laughs)
—  Nightmare to Knuckle Joe's Father • Here Comes the Son

Knuckle Joe's father (real name unknown) was a Star Warrior. He was the father of Knuckle Joe, and was a close friend to Meta Knight. The two fought side by side. He was a powerful fighter, inspiring many other Galaxy Soldiers to increase their strength. One night, however, the Galaxy Soldiers came under attack by enemy combatants and Joe's father was taken by a monster and turned into one by Nightmare. When he came back to the Galaxy Soldiers, they saw that he was on the side of the monsters, and thus, Meta Knight had to kill his best friend for the safety of the galaxy. Thankfully however, his love for his son kept him from completely surrendering to Nightmare, and before his death, he gave Meta Knight his locket with Knuckle Joe's baby picture in it. The locket soon proved to be a power amplifier that helped Knuckle Joe defeat Masher 2.0.

Physical Appearance

Knuckle Joe's father looks just like his own son. He is just older than his son and his legs are much shorter than that of his son, meaning he just has feet connected to his body. His skin is a purplish color, and he has the same yellow hair and elf ears as his son, as well as purple eyes. He wears a gray mask over his face as well as a grayish blue, short-sleeved jumpsuit with a white stripe and a black squarish shape on its front with white linings and a star on it. He wears dark grayish blue shoes and grayish gloves, and he wears a light grayish green cape. He carries a green shield with a yellow magic symbol and a blue gem on its front, as well as a sword, and wears a locket round his neck that has a similar symbol to the one found on his shield. His locket contains a microchip inside, as well as Knuckle Joe's baby picture. His face under the mask is never seen.

 Appearances in Episodes

Episode Title Air Date

19(JP), 17(NA)

Here Comes the Son(flashback)

February 9, 2002(JP)

40(JP), 37(NA)

Monster Management(flashback)

July 13, 2002(JP)

52(JP), 45(NA) Snack Attack - Part I(figurine) October 12, 2002(JP), September 6, 2003(NA)


Masher 2.0(flashback)

January 11, 2003(JP), March 13, 2004(NA)


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