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Tap the targets to shoot them, (you lose points for shooting bombs). [sic] Tap the bar at the bottom of the screen to reload when you're out of ammo.
— Instruction manual description • Kirby Super Star Ultra

Kirby on the Draw is a sub-game in Kirby Super Star Ultra.


Kirby, Yellow Kirby, Red Kirby, and Green Kirby are dressed as cowboys. They are tasked with shooting wooden cutouts of enemies that are also dressed as cowboys. To shoot the enemies, the player touches them with the stylus. The gun has 8 shots before the player has to reload, which is accomplished by tapping the bottom of the touch screen. The winner is the Kirby that receives the most points. If the player touches a Bomber, however, 50 points will be lost.

Scoring guide

The player will gain (or lose) points by touching cardboard wooden cutouts of the following characters:


On the Draw.gif
  • The 10-point wooden cutouts are based on regular enemies that don't give Copy Abilities, all of the 20-point cutouts are based on regular enemies that give an ability, all of the 40-point cutouts are based on mid-bosses, the 100-point cardboard cutouts are based on bosses, and the -50 points cardboard cutouts are all Bomber, which gives a one-use ability (which is Crash).
  • The Old West theme of the sub-game is very similar to the original Quick Draw in Kirby's Adventure, with three of the opponents that appeared in Quick Draw appearing here (Waddle Doo, Bonkers and King Dedede). This sub-game is considered a follow-up to the original much in the vein of Megaton Punch to Crackity Hack.
  • Bomber explodes if Kirby shoots it, although everything shot at in this game is a non-explosive wooden cutout. At closer inspection, it might be a Bomber planted on a stick since no background around it is seen.
  • Knuckle Joe in the game looks somewhat like his anime incarnation.
  • Chef Kawasaki does not have any cowboy outfits unlike the others. Instead, his palette is swapped, and his hat is given a brim, much like a cowboy hat.