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Kirby of the Stars is a series of children's novels based on the Kirby series written by Mie Takase (高瀬美恵) that are exclusive to Japan.

General Information

The novel series currently has sixteen volumes. Various volumes have stories centered around the latest game of the series, with some alterations, while others have original storylines. Some books also introduce original characters that only appear in the novels. Two books are usually released per year, and each book has eight to ten chapters with 200-300 pages, though the exact number of pages is unknown.


Title (Translated) Cover Release Date[1] Description (Translated)
Kirby of the Stars: Dangerous Gourmet Mansion!? Dangerous Gourmet Mansion!? April 12, 2013 Kirby of the Stars is a novel at last! Kirby gets into a gourmet mansion party for a feast, but there is something unexpected waiting for him...!? An original story that can only be read here!
Kirby of the Stars: Uproar in the Dark Forest! Uproar in the Dark Forest! March 15, 2014 Kirby and his friends head to the "Dark Forest" in order to eat the rumored fruit, which are the tastiest in the universe. However, King Dedede and some mysterious associates are also after the fruit!?
Kirby of the Stars: The Great Bandits Daroach Gang Appear! The Great Bandit Daroach Gang Appears! August 15, 2014 Kirby discovers a large egg in an old temple. Kirby and friends guard the egg and substitute for the parent bird, who is wounded and is having trouble looking after the egg. Meanwhile, the great bandits, the Daroach Gang, are coming around to steal the egg...!?
Kirby of the Stars: Meta Knight and the Apostle Princess Meta Knight and the Apostle Princess February 15, 2015 The Chiffon Star princess, famous for making cakes, has gone missing!! Meta Knight and Kirby head towards Chiffon Star together. An unexpected development is awaiting there!? This time, Meta Knight appears as the special main protagonist!!
Kirby of the Stars: Big Race in Dream Land! Big Race in Dream Land! August 15, 2015 A big race that will be broadcasted on TV across the whole universe will be held in Dream Land! Hearing that the winner receives whatever they like, Kirby was brimming with motivation! But, the sponsor Kisario is a bit shady...?
Kirby of the Stars: Great Labyrinth Friend Rescue! Great Labyrinth Friend Rescue! February 15, 2016 Magolor, who had fought Kirby in a previous incident, turned up and abruptly said, "Friend rescue!" Kirby and some friends go to the suspicious Great Labyrinth of the Mirror to help Magolor's friend. In the Great Labyrinth, an unexpected rendezvous awaits...!?
Kirby of the Stars: The Great Adventure of Robobo Planet! The Great Adventure of Robobo Planet! July 15, 2016 An unexpected, giant sphere appeared in the peaceful Dream Land and mechanized the star! Kirby and Waddle Dee go on a risky journey to restore Dream Land to its original state! The latest game has become a novel!!
Kirby of the Stars: Meta Knight and the Galaxy's Strongest Warrior Meta Knight and the Galaxy's Strongest Warrior March 15, 2017 No one said anything as to where Meta Knight could be, and Kirby left Popstar to search for him!! Why is Meta Knight trying to bring back Galacta Knight, the strongest warrior of the galaxy?
Kirby of the Stars: Formation! Kirby Hunters Z! Formation! Kirby Hunters Z August 15, 2017 A trio of identical Kirbys help Kirby after he loses his way into the alternate world of the strange Dream Kingdom!? The four Kirbys form "Kirby Hunters" and fight hooligans for peace in the Dream Kingdom!
Kirby of the Stars: Decisive Fight! Battle Deluxe!! Decisive Fight! Battle Deluxe!! March 15, 2018 The great battle tournament, the Cake Royale, is held! The opponents are copies of Kirby!? Kirby teams up with Waddle Dee to challenge his copies with various Abilities! Truly, who can win the championship prize of the deluxe cake!?
Kirby of the Stars: Star Allies - Friends Great Adventure! Star Allies - Great Friends Adventure! July 14, 2018 Popstar's inhabitants suddenly became violent!? Kirby helps everyone with his mysterious powers, "Friend Abilities," and sets out on a great adventure looking for a mastermind! A novel version of the popular game Kirby Star Allies!!
Kirby of the Stars: Star Allies - The Universe's Big Crisis!? Star Allies - The Universe in a Big Pinch!? August 15, 2018 A friend in Dream Land was kidnapped by Francisca of the Three Mage-Sisters!? Kirby notices the further evils of the Three Mage-Sisters while exploring the universe, and takes on a battle with Waddle Dee, King Dedede, and Meta Knight to protect the universe!!
Kirby of the Stars: A Big Incident in the World of Wool! A Big Incident in the World of Wool! March 15, 2019 Kirby loses his way into Patch Land, and goes on a journey with Prince Fluff to defeat formidable enemies, for the purpose of restoring the world! With new, special "Metamortexes" and "Ravel Abilities," Kirby comes alive a great deal!!
Kirby of the Stars: Save the Rainbow Islands! Save the Rainbow Islands! July 15, 2019 Kirby's friends, Rick, Kine, and Coo, are here! The Rainbow Islands where the three of them live are no longer raining, so they are in trouble. Kirby, Meta Knight, and King Dedede go to the Rainbow Islands!! They meet the girl Pirika, who headed above the clouds and knows the cause. Gooey, a good friend of Kirby, was also there. For some reason, Gooey is attacking Kirby!? What the heck, what exactly happened? Kirby attempts to solve the case!!
Kirby of the Stars: Super Kirby Hunters Great Fierce Battle! Super Kirby Hunters Great Fierce Battle! December 13, 2019 Pink Kirby has returned to the Dream Kingdom, being called by the mysterious bell. Now, again, the Dream Kingdom is being attacked by dreadful monsters! Kirby reunites with Doctor Kirby, Hammer Kirby, and Beam Kirby, and Kirby Hunters Z reforms to confront the monsters! However, further ahead, the strongest, worst opponent stands in the way of Kirby Hunters Z!!! Really, what is the fate of Kirby and the Dream Kingdom!?
Kirby of the Stars: Search for the Dreamy Gear! Search for the Dreamy Gear! March 14, 2020 This is the mine town, Diamond Town. Kirby, a plane rider, enjoys a lively and joyful life. One day, an ancient machine was found in a mine, and the town was overwhelmed! In order to run the machine, one must find the sealed "gear" somewhere in the town. Kirby, Waddle Dee, President Dedede, Meta Knight, Daroach, and Magolor have a great adventure looking for the gear! But, apparently, this "gear hunting" has an unbelievable conspiracy to hide!? Different from the usual Dream Land, this is a story of another world!


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