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...because it was never localized to English in official sources.

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Kirby and Waddle Dee, King Dedede, and Meta Knight solve problems that occur in Dream Land, a land so peaceful it could induce a yawn. Original stories that can only be read on Tsubasabunko, novels based on the popular game series, a side story where Meta Knight is the main protagonist, and so on, there are all sorts of fun stories to be found here! With various copy abilities, let's go on an exciting adventure!
— Description (Translated) • Tsubasabunko

Kirby of the Stars is a series of children's novels based on the Kirby series written by Mie Takase (高瀬美恵) that are exclusive to Japan.

General Information

Usually, when a new book is released, it's heavily based on whichever game was released closest before that book (i.e., Kirby's Labyrinth Adventure! is based upon Kirby's Return to Dream Land and Kirby and the Rainbow Curse), or a Kirby-based event in Japan around the time of the book's release (i.e., The Mystery on the Pupupu Train!? is based on the Pupupu Train event in Japan). However, some have original story lines. Some books also introduce original characters exclusive to the novels. Two to three books are usually released per year and each book has eight to fourteen chapters with 200-300 pages, though the exact number of pages is unknown.


Please note that the book titles through Kirby Clash Team Unite! are official localizations in the Kirby Art & Style Collection book. The ones that follow it are unofficial names translated to be reminiscent of the localized names.

Title Cover Release Date[1] Description (Translated)
Kirby and the Dangerous Gourmet Mansion?! Dangerous Gourmet Mansion!?.jpg April 12, 2013 The Kirby series finally appears in novel form! Kirby gets into the feast at the Gourmet Mansion, but finds something unexpected waiting for him there…?! An original story that can only be read here!
Kirby and the Big Panic in Gloomy Woods! Uproar in the Dark Forest!.jpg March 15, 2014 Kirby and pals head toward the allegedly dangerous Gloomy Woods in order to eat the fruit there, said to be the tastiest fruit in the universe. However, King Dedede and his mysterious colleagues are also after the fruit…?!
Kirby Meets the Squeak Squad! The Great Bandit Daroach Gang Appears!.jpg August 15, 2014 Kirby discovers a giant egg in an ancient temple. Kirby and co. fill in the mamma bird, who is having trouble watching over the egg due to injury, and protect the egg. Meanwhile, a gang of thieves known as the Squeaks arrive to plunder the egg…?!
Kirby: Meta Knight and the Puppet Princess Meta Knight and the Apostle Princess.jpg February 15, 2015 The princess of Chiffon Star, famous for making cakes, has gone missing!! Meta Knight ventures to Chiffon Star with Kirby and pals. An unexpected development is awaiting them there?! Meta Knight gets to be the main protagonist in this spectacular story!
Kirby: Big Race in Pupupu Land! Big Race in Dream Land!.jpg August 15, 2015 A big race is being held in Dream Land, broadcasted on TV for the whole universe to watch! Rumor has it that the victor is rewarded with whatever they desire, so Kirby and pals are determined to win! However, the sponsor, Kizario, is quite shady…?
Kirby's Labyrinth Rescue! Great Labyrinth Friend Rescue!.jpg February 15, 2016 Magolor, who had fought Kirby in the past, suddenly showed up and said “help my friend!” Despite their suspicions, Kirby and pals go to help Magolor's friend in the Mirror Labyrinth. In the labyrinth, an unexpected encounter awaits them…?!
Kirby and the Great Planet Robobot Adventure! The Great Adventure of Robobo Planet!.jpg July 15, 2016 Dream Land's peace was disturbed when a large sphere suddenly materialized and turned the star’s inhabitants into robots! To get Dream Land back to normal, Kirby has embarked on a journey with Waddle Dee! The latest entry in the game series is available in novel form!
Kirby: Meta Knight and the Galaxy's Greatest Warrior Meta Knight and the Galaxy's Strongest Warrior.jpg March 15, 2017 When Meta Knight suddenly vanishes without telling anyone anything, Kirby and pals leave Pop Star to look for him! For some reason, Meta Knight is trying to revive the strongest warrior in the galaxy: Galacta Knight…?!
Kirby Clash Team Unite! Formation! Kirby Hunters Z.jpg August 15, 2017 When Kirby gets lost in a mysterious parallel universe known as the Dream Kingdom, he is helped by a trio who look just like him?! The group of 4 Kirbies, known as Team Kirby, must battle against roughnecks for the peace of the Dream Kingdom!
Kirby: Deciding Match! Battle Royale!! Decisive Fight! Battle Deluxe!!.jpg March 15, 2018 A great battle tournament known as the Cake Royale is being held! The opponents are copies of Kirby?! Working together with Waddle Dee, Kirby must take down the copies, who possess various abilities! Who will win the grand prize of a deluxe cake?!
Kirby Star Allies: Great Friends Adventure! Star Allies - Great Friends Adventure!.jpg July 14, 2018 The inhabitants of Pop Star have suddenly turned violent?! Helping everyone with his mysterious Friend Abilities powers, Kirby departs on a grand adventure to find the culprit! The popular game Kirby Star Allies is now available as a novel!
Kirby Star Allies: The Universe is in a Big Pinch?! Star Allies - The Universe in a Big Pinch!?.jpg August 15, 2018 One of Kirby's Dream Land friends has been kidnapped by Francisca of the Three Mage-Sisters?! Noticing that the Three Mage-Sisters are up to no good once more, Kirby, Waddle Dee, King Dedede, and Meta Knight rush into battle to defend the universe together!
Kirby: Big Trouble in Patch Land! A Big Incident in the World of Wool!.jpg March 15, 2019 Having gotten completely lost in Patch Land, Kirby goes out on a journey with Prince Fluff to fight a formidable enemy to restore the world, which has been separated into multiple pieces, to its former glory! With new Metamortex forms and Ravel Abilities, Kirby's playing an active part!
Kirby: Save the Rainbow Islands! Save the Rainbow Islands!.jpg July 15, 2019 Kirby's friends, Rick, Kine, and Coo, have come along! There seems to be something wrong, as it's stopped raining in the Rainbow Islands, where the three live. Kirby goes to the Rainbow Islands with Meta Knight and King Dedede!! They meet a young girl named Pirka, who knows the cause of the problem. They head above the clouds. There, they also find Gooey, a good friend of Kirby's. For some reason, Gooey's rushing in to attack Kirby and pals?! What the heck, what happened? Kirby tackles the problem head-on!!
Kirby: The Great Super Kirby Clash Fight! Super Kirby Hunters Great Fierce Battle!.jpg December 13, 2019 Called by the ringing of a mysterious bell, Pink Kirby has returned to the Dream Kingdom! Now, once again, terrible monsters have come to attack the Dream Kingdom…! Reuniting with Doctor Kirby, Hammer Kirby, and Beam Kirby, in order to fight the monsters, Team Kirby is brought back together! However, ahead of Team Kirby, worse, stronger enemies stand in the way!!! What will be the fate of the Dream Kingdom and Team Kirby?!
Kirby: Search for the Dreamy Gears! Search for the Dreamy Gear!.jpg March 14, 2020 This place is a mining town known as Diamond Town. Local airplane pilot Kirby lives a fun, happy life. One day, the town is sent into a fuss when an ancient machine is discovered in the mines! In order to get the machine to work, it seems that they must find the "gears" sealed around town. Kirby, Waddle Dee, Manager Dedede, Meta Knight, Daroach, and Magolor embark on a great adventure to find them! However, in this “gear quest,” an extravagant evil is hiding…?! Differing from the usual setting of Dream Land, this is the story of a different world!
Kirby: Meta Knight and the Knight of the Underworld Meta Knight and the Knight of the Underworld.jpg July 14, 2020 Meta Knight's treasured sword, Galaxia, has been stolen! It appears that whichever scoundrel took the sword is impersonating Meta Knight and going on a rampage. With the help of Kirby and King Dedede, Meta Knight corners the evildoer, only to get stuck in the realm of the dead. Searching for a means of getting back home, Meta Knight was met with the red butterfly knight fluttering in the underworld, Morpho Knight! Faced with an unknown enemy more powerful than even Galacta Knight, Meta Knight challenges Morpho Knight to a duel!
Kirby: Kirby Café Uproar!? The Kirby Café Uproar!?.jpg December 15, 2020 Kirby and King Dedede have a showdown to see who can make the better café. With the help of Chef Kawasaki, Kirby challenges the king to a contest with Whispy Woods's delicious fruity desserts!... but Whispy Woods has come down with a disease and has no fruit to offer. On top of that, while looking for medicine to treat the disease, Kirby and co. were put in a dire situation when, suddenly, Beetley and his pals attacked them! What the heck, which café will come out on top?!
Kirby: Kirby Fighters, the Destined Rivals!! 322010000733.jpg March 13, 2021 Kirby receives a challenge letter from King Dedede and Meta Knight. It says to take a pal and challenge the Buddy Fighters Tower; a battle tower that decides who's the strongest. With great joy, Kirby, who mistakes the written challenge for a party invitation, heads to the tower with Bandana Waddle Dee. There, strange challenges and formidable foes await them!! Can the duo beat King Dedede and Meta Knight waiting for them at the top floor, and the mysterious "dark Kirby?!" A story about the hit game, Kirby Fighters 2!
Kirby: King Dedede's Great Escape Offensive! King Dedede's Great Escape Strategy.jpg July 14, 2021 King Dedede, Waddle Dee, and Kirby depart for the sand planet, Minore, to be treated to festival with an all-you-can-eat feast! However, after being falsely accused of stealing the food for the feast, King Dedede and Waddle Dee get locked behind bars. To rescue the two, Kirby and Meta Knight set out to investigate, but...? Meanwhile, the great king and co. carry out their great escape plan with a boy from Minore, Ali! Find the real criminal and get the feast back!!! King Dedede is the star of this great adventure!!
Kirby: The Mystery on the Pupupu Train!? 322103001607.jpg December 15, 2021 Kirby sets out to solve a case that has arisen on the Pupupu Train galaxy railway!? The galaxy railway, "Pupupu Train", that connects Dreamland to the resort planet, Yutari, famous for its feasts and glittering beaches, is now open for business! Kirby, King Dedede and Bandana Waddle dee, and Meta Knight and his men, embark on a scenic and festive seven day train trip! ...However, on the train, a commotion about a ghost arises, and the sugar used for meal prep has suddenly vanished. What's more, a massive detonation of the Pupupu Train is imminent!? In order to protect everyone, and to feast in Yutari, Kirby and the rest of the gang set out to solve the case!!
Kirby: Welcome to the Starlight Theatre! Starlight Theatre Novel Cover.jpg March 9, 2022 The mobile theater, "Starlight Theater", popular throughout the galaxy, has arrived in Dream Land! The wonderful show of the genius magician Lulu is instantly a big hit.

Kirby also goes to the theater at midnight with King Dedede, Bandana Waddle Dee, and Meta Knight! However, Meta Knight seems to be trying to investigate a secret, thinking that Lulu may be the culprit of "a certain incident"...? Kirby reveals the truth behind Lulu's show, where all the sadness is forgotten!


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