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Take control of the powerful pink puffball, Kirby, and move around freely in 3D stages as you discover a mysterious world with abandoned structures from a past civilization—like a shopping mall?! Copy enemies’ abilities like Sword and Ice and use them to attack and explore your surroundings! What journey awaits Kirby? Take a deep breath and get ready for an unforgettable adventure!
— Official description for Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is a 3D platformer Kirby game developed by HAL Laboratory and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. The game was announced in a Nintendo Direct on September 23, 2021 and released worldwide on March 25, 2022.[1] It became available for preorder on Nintendo eShop on January 12, 2022.


As a new day begins in Dream Land, Kirby goes out for a morning stroll before taking a ride around on his Warp Star. As he flies over the rolling, green hills and luscious bodies of water, he suddenly stops when he comes across a large mass of dark storm clouds in the sky. Within the clouds, a multitude of star-shaped vortexes open and begin to suck everything up. Shocked by the strange occurrence, Kirby attempts to flee on the Warp Star, flying over fleeing Waddle Dees which are helplessly sucked into the vortexes. Bandana Waddle Dee is caught in the vortexes' pull as well, unsuccessfully trying to remain on the ground by stabbing his spear into it. Kirby dodges many objects being pulled in by the vortexes, but is unable to avoid a large tree branch and is knocked off the Warp Star, flying right into a vortex. Within it, the strange space begins to squash and stretch Kirby to drastic proportions before he eventually loses consciousness.

Once Kirby awakens, he finds himself washed ashore in a strange and mysterious world, one where nature and civilization have become one. After traveling through an abandoned city, Kirby wanders into a building that contains a car inside. A group of three Awoofys appear from behind the car and charge at Kirby. Kirby inhales them all, as well as the car, stretching his mouth over it with his newfound ability: Mouthful Mode, which he gained from the vortexes. Kirby then drives through the city before noticing a bunch of Waddle Dees being carried off in cages by birds. Kirby heads in the direction where the birds were coming from and finds a destroyed Waddle Dee Town, which the Waddle Dees built once they arrived in the strange world. Kirby sees members of the Beast Pack, a group of savage, animal-like beings, chase Waddle Dees before capturing them in cages. A blue, rodent-like creature named Elfilin, who aided the Waddle Dees once they landed, attempts to find a place to hide, but is cornered by the Beast Pack and trapped in a cage. Kirby then fights and defeats the Beast Pack and frees Elfilin, who explains that he and the Waddle Dees attempted to fight back, but were overwhelmed, and that he must save them. Kirby offers to help Elfilin, and the two formally introduce themselves to each other before setting off to rescue the Waddle Dees.

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Kirby and Elfilin go through different regions of Arrival Continent to rescue the Waddle Dees, rebuilding their town from scratch. Along the way, the two defeat some of the tougher members of the Beast Pack, such as Gorimondo and Clawroline, as well as a tropical variant of Whispy Woods. They eventually reach Winter Horns and confront King Dedede, who has been brainwashed into joining the Beast Pack. After a victorious battle, Kirby and Elfilin dance, but Dedede awakens and kidnaps Elfilin while Kirby was distracted. Unable to catch the king before he flees, Kirby immediately chases Dedede to the Forbidden Island in order to rescue Elfilin.

Kirby traverses Originull Wasteland to find a lair with various hoarded junk and trinkets. Kirby thinks he has found Elfilin, but it turns out to be a trap set up by Sillydillo to capture Kirby. After a tough fight, Kirby triumphs over the Beast Pack armadillo before heading to Redgar Forbidden Lands in search of Elfilin. After fighting through the last of the Beast Pack's defenses - including rematches with Gorimondo, Sillydillo, and Clawroline - he descends into an infernal factory to take on King Dedede again. The king is now wearing a mysterious warthog-shaped mask that increases his power further while causing him to devolve into a feral creature; despite this, Kirby manages to triumph over the so-called "Forgo Dedede". With the mask broken, Dedede returns to normal and celebrates with the Waddle Dees he was guarding; meanwhile, Kirby notices a strange elevator opening behind them. With the Beast Pack's forces rapidly approaching, the group flees to the elevator; when one of the Waddle Dees trips, Dedede throws them into the elevator and stays behind to fend off the incoming enemies.

Within the elevator, a pre-recorded message welcomes Kirby to Lab Discovera, a science facility that contains "the ultimate life-form, Specimen ID-F86." It describes the specimen as a destructive being that nearly destroyed the new world before being captured by the planet's original inhabitants. Once contained, the people studied ID-F86's spatial teleportation ability, but a "warp-experiment incident" caused a new entity to break off of the subject; dubbed "ID-F87," this subspecimen escaped the facility and has yet to be recovered. As the elevator continues to rise, Kirby sees hundreds of Waddle Dees being made to run in hamster wheels, providing power to the facility as the intercom explains that ID-F86 has been in a state of permanent stasis ever since the loss of the subspecimen, kept within the Eternal Capsule and used as a tourist attraction.

When the elevator comes to a halt and opens up, Kirby proceeds down a hallway to Specimen ID-F86's viewing chamber, where he encounters Leongar, leader of the Beast Pack. He explains that the original inhabitants of the new world used ID-F86's power to abandon the planet and travel to "a land of dreams"; he hopes to gain the same power for the Beast Pack once he reunites the specimen with its missing half - none other than Elfilin, who is trapped in a capsule next to it. Vowing to feast on Kirby's hide if he tries to stop them, Leongar engages Kirby in battle; during the battle, he appears to become possessed by the specimen, increasing his power at the cost of his sanity. Despite this, Leongar is defeated, being sent flying through his throne and skidding into ID-F86's containment unit.

As Kirby frees Elfilin from his capsule, Leongar suddenly wakes up, but only so the specimen - now identifying itself as Fecto Forgo - can speak through him. It curses Kirby for ruining its plans, explaining that it opened the vortexes over Popstar in order to find a "workforce" to give itself more energy and assist the Beast Pack in reuniting it with Elfilin. Announcing its intent to consume everything, it breaks out of the Eternal Capsule and begins to deform into a mass of sludge. Several Beast Pack members arrive to fight Kirby, but instead find themselves joining Leongar in being absorbed by Fecto Forgo; Kirby and Elfilin flee for their lives as the specimen mutates into a goopy, chimera-like abomination bent on reabsorbing its other side.

After a long chase down the halls of Lab Discovera, Kirby damages Fecto Forgo enough to cause its makeshift body to break down. However, it manages to grab Elfilin with a tentacle, reabsorbing him to restore their original form: Fecto Elfilis. Kirby chases the alien to the top of Lab Discovera, fighting to stop them from completing their invasion of the new world - despite Elfilis's power, he weakens them to the point where he can tear Elfilin out of their body. As they begin to destabilize once more, Fecto Elfilis opens up a massive dimensional rift in an attempt to crash Planet Popstar into the new world. Taking advantage of everything being pulled into the air by the rift, Kirby inhales a big truck and utilizes the Big-Rig Mouth to chase down Fecto Elfilis; with an additional boost from Elfilin, he manages to smash through his enemy's defenses and destroy their body before tumbling into the rift.

Kirby wakes up to find himself back on Planet Popstar in a state of chaos; despite Fecto Elfilis's destruction, the rift they made is still open and threatening to crash Popstar into the new world. In order to save both worlds, Elfilin draws on all of his power to close the dimensional rift, barely managing to tearfully thank Kirby for everything before the portal closes completely. Although his planet is safe once more, Kirby is saddened by the apparent loss of his friend... but then Elfilin reappears from a smaller rift that opens behind him. Kirby joyfully welcomes Elfilin back before following him back to the new world, where the Beast Pack has befriended the Waddle Dees.

After the credits roll, Leongar is shown floating in a bubble within what looks like a distorted version of Lab Discovera...


After returning to Waddle Dee Town, Elfilin notices Clawroline standing on the lookout tower. He reveals that Clawroline found him after he closed the portal, allowing him to restore his strength and open a dimensional rift back to Popstar. When Kirby and Elfilin climb up to meet her, they find her examining another dimensional rift; she tells Elfilin that she can sense Leongar behind it (who was otherwise absent from the reunion after Fecto Elfilis's defeat). Suddenly, the rift opens, sucking Kirby and Elfilin into a strange realm: the Isolated Isles: Forgo Dreams.

Elfilin immediately recognizes the realm as where he was sent to when Fecto Forgo absorbed him; he wonders if Leongar is similarly trapped within its depths. He joins Kirby in exploring the Isles, finding twisted recreations of the areas they visited in the new world that were seemingly created by Fecto Forgo's psychic energy. As they travel, they find pieces of Leongar - rather, Leon's - soul scattered and hidden throughout the stages; the results of Fecto Forgo attempting to transform him into its new physical body while it restores its strength and creates an army of "Phantom" beasts. The mightiest of these phantoms - based on the bosses Kirby fought throughout the new world - serve as the guardians of each stage.

After fighting through the phantoms and gathering most/all of Leon's soul, Kirby and Elfilin are able to reach the heart of the Isolated Isles: Forgo Land, a replica of ID-F86's containment chamber in Lab Discovera. There, they revive Leon, allowing the three to share a brief victory dance, but Fecto Forgo interrupts by taking control of Leon once again. Kirby battles and nearly defeats the newly-minted Forgo Leon, but Fecto Forgo simply possesses him directly, expelling his soul once more in the process of making him more powerful than ever. Despite this, Kirby manages to defeat Forgo Leon completely, leaving Leon to collapse onto his ruined throne as Fecto Forgo's spirit leaves his body and prepares to attack Kirby directly.

Suddenly, a butterfly arrives and lands on Soul Forgo, absorbing it as it transforms into Morpho Knight and attacks Kirby itself. Kirby defeats it as well, causing it to explode into energy; part of the energy reforms into an indistinct shape and vanishes independently of the rest. Kirby and Elfilin futilely try to revive Leon, but Clawroline comes in with other Beast Pack members with more fragments of his soul. The group revives the beast king, and the Beast Pack, now fully establishing friendly terms with each other, returns to Waddle Dee Town as Isolated Isles begins to dissipate.

However, Fecto Forgo's soul absorbed power from Morpho Knight upon its defeat, and it flees to another dimension with its phantom boss creations again. Upon requesting to take on them in the Colosseum, Commentator Waddle Dee warns them about the dangers, but otherwise continues to host the tournament cup against them. Kirby destroys the phantom creations again, including one of Meta Knight as a result of the real Meta Knight escaping Fecto Forgo's psychic through sheer will, and copies of the possessed Leongar and Morpho Knight. It retreats to the lab's roof again, this time assuming itself as Chaos Elfilis, no longer wanting to destroy planets but aiming to seek revenge on Kirby instead. Kirby defeats the main body of the chaotic lifeform, revealing a large ball of light as the embodiment of a broken soul. Kirby destroys it, resulting in the ball of light exploding and raining down particles of itself. The last remaining particle descends to Elfilin and voluntarily allows itself to be absorbed by Elfilin, completing the two halves again, now as a benevolent being.

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Kirby and the Forgotten Land is the first 3D action platformer in the main series; it controls similarly to Kirby 3D Rumble, its successor Kirby's Blowout Blast, and Kirby Battle Royale. Unlike most previous 3D games, however, this game features fully functional Copy Abilities. The game still follows the formula of reaching the goal location to free Waddle Dees, instead of being an open world entry. The game's environmental design appears to take cues from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards and Kirby: Planet Robobot.

Waddle Dee Town functions as the main hub world for Kirby and his allies to rest at. Here, Kirby can unlock various structures as he frees more Waddle Dees by completing levels and their missions, which can unlock minigames and submodes. Additionally, Kirby can spend currency for collectable capsules (much like keychains, figurines, and stickers) or talk to the Wise Waddle Dee for online records. At Waddle Dee's Weapons Shop, Kirby can evolve his Copy Abilities into Evolved Abilities, allowing them to become more powerful in a system somewhat similar to the Ability Scrolls from Kirby: Squeak Squad.

Furthermore, Kirby also gains a new ability separate from Copy Abilities in the form of Mouthful Mode, which requires Kirby to partially inhale portions of the environment around him in order to proceed further. If Kirby has assumed a Copy Ability, he will keep that ability while using Mouthful Mode.

While Kirby's standard moves have been adjusted to work in 3D, his dodge receives a major overhaul. Like in previous games, Kirby can dodge by moving while guarding, but the distance he makes in doing so is increased. In addition, Kirby can achieve a perfect dodge by dodging right before an enemy or obstacle can attack him, briefly slowing down everything around him. In the case of perfectly dodging an enemy, he has the chance to apply some extra damage, especially if he wields a Copy Ability.

This game supports 2-player co-op, in which Player 1 is Kirby and Player 2 is Bandana Waddle Dee. Bandana Waddle Dee has the same basic movement options as Kirby but is limited to his own unique moveset. The strength and effectiveness of the moveset changes accordingly to the evolution level of Kirby's current Copy Ability. When sharing healing items, Kirby and Bandana Waddle Dee will high-five each other instead of the former mouth-to-mouth transfer. Bandana Waddle Dee will place himself on top of Kirby while he is using certain Mouthful Modes. In addition, some submodes can be played in co-op.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land also allows the player to choose the difficulty of the game. They can choose between "Spring-Breeze Mode," an easier, more relaxed difficulty where Kirby has more health; or "Wild Mode," a slightly harder difficulty where Kirby has less health, which in turn rewards the player with 50 more Star Coins after a stage or challenge is completed.

Unlike most previous Kirby games, this game lacks a lives system, meaning that 1UPs do not appear. When Kirby runs out of health, he loses 100 Star Coins instead.

Throughout the world map, dimensional rifts leading to Treasure Road challenges can pop up either by beating stages, searching spots, or other methods. Each challenge tests the player by often focusing on either a certain Copy Ability, Evolved Ability, or Mouthful Mode, rewarding the player with a Rare Stone upon the first time a challenge is completed. Completing a challenge in a targeted time or less rewards the player with additional Star Coins. In addition, any Treasure Road challenge relating to Evolved Abilities require that the focused Evolved Ability must be fully unlocked first, otherwise the challenge is inaccessible.


Playable Characters

Non-Playable characters




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Copy Abilities and Evolved Abilities

Kirby and the Forgotten Land contains 12 standard Copy Abilities, two of which are new (Drill and Ranger). In addition, each Copy Ability has at least one Evolved Ability; most abilities have two evolutions, Sword and Hammer have three, and limited-use abilities have only one. In order to access Evolved Abilities, the respective blueprints for each one must be obtained; most require exploration or progression in levels, while others have special methods. Evolved Abilities, upon obtaining their blueprints, can be unlocked and upgraded through Star Coins and Rare Stones at Waddle Dee's Weapons Shop; standard and evolved abilities can also be upgraded further after defeating Fecto Elfilis, enhancing their base attack power.

  • Bomb
    • Chain Bomb
    • Homing Bomb
  • Crash
    • Time Crash
  • Cutter
    • Chakram Cutter
    • Buzz-Saw Cutter
  • Drill
    • Pencil Drill
    • Twin Drill
  • Fire
    • Volcano Fire
    • Dragon Fire
  • Hammer
    • Toy Hammer
    • Wild Hammer
    • Masked Hammer
  • Ice
    • Frosty Ice
    • Blizzard Ice
  • Needle
    • Clutter Needle
    • Crystal Needle
  • Ranger
    • Noble Ranger
    • Space Ranger
  • Sleep
    • Deep Sleep
  • Sword
    • Gigant Sword
    • Meta Knight Sword
    • Morpho Knight Sword
  • Tornado
    • Fleur Tornado
    • Storm Tornado

Mouthful Modes

Mouthful Mode allows Kirby to partially inhale real-world objects, of which there are 14 different Mouthful Modes. Some Mouthful Modes are represented by multiple iterations of objects.


Levels and Stages

Arrival Continent
Point of Arrival
Waddle Dee Town
Natural Plains
Downtown Grassland Through the Tunnel Rocky Rollin' Road
A Trip to Alivel Mall The Brawl at the Mall
Everbay Coast
Abandoned Beach Concrete Isles Scale the Cement Summit
Fast-Flowing Waterworks The Tropical Terror
Wondaria Remains
Welcome to Wondaria Circuit Speedway Invasion at the House of Horrors
The Wondaria Dream Parade Danger under the Big Top
Winter Horns
Northeast Frost Street Metro on Ice Windy, Freezing Seas
The Battle of Blizzard Bridge An Unexpected Beast King
Forbidden Island
Originull Wasteland
The Wastes Where Life Began Searching the Oasis Alivel Mall (Staff Side)
Moonlight Canyon Collector in the Sleepless Valley
Redgar Forbidden Lands
Enter the Fiery Forbidden Lands Conquer the Inferno Road Burning, Churning Power Plant
Gathering of the Beast Council The Beast Pack's Final Stand In the Presence of the King
Lab Discovera
Isolated Isles: Forgo Dreams
Forgo Plains Forgo Bay Forgo Park
Forgo Horns Forgo Wasteland Forgo Zone
Forgo Land


Demo title screen

The demo for Kirby and the Forgotten Land was released worldwide on March 3, 2022. The demo contains three stages: Point of Arrival, Downtown Grassland, and Brawl at the Mall. Each stage can be played either solo or in co-op, and in either Wild Mode or Spring-Breeze Mode. The demo also contains a link to the page for the full game in the Nintendo eShop.

As a reward for completing each stage, the player is given the Present Code "CLEARDEMO" for use in the full version of the game as well as the ability to view product information and a promotional trailer for the game, as well as the ability to toggle on Evolved versions of all Copy Abilities featured in the demo. If the player also completes all missions in each stage, they will be given the Present Code "NEWADVENTURE".

Capsules can be collected in this demo, though they cannot be viewed after collection.

Amiibo Compatibility

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is compatible with amiibo, allowing Kirby to gain items in-game. It can be accessed in the pause menu, akin to Kirby Star Allies. If Kirby-series amiibo are tapped, better items will be given.[2]

Waddle Dee-livery Present Codes

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Kirby and the Forgotten Land received widely positive ratings from critics and players alike. According to Metacritic, Kirby and the Forgotten Land received "generally favorable reviews" with an aggregate score of 85, making it the second highest rated mainline Kirby game (and fourth overall Kirby game) on the site, behind Kirby Super Star (and Kirby: Canvas Curse and Kirby's Epic Yarn).[3][4] Gamespot and Game Informer rated the game 9/10[5][6], while IGN rated the game 8/10[7]. Critics primarily praised the creative stage design, more balanced difficulty, visuals, side content, and soundtrack, acknowledging the improvements made towards the criticisms from the previous mainline game, Kirby Star Allies. Despite that, common criticisms includes reduced multiplayer gameplay compared to Kirby Star Allies, and limited copy ability and enemy selections.

During the first week of sales, Kirby and the Forgotten Land sold 380,060 physical copies in Japan, making the game the largest Kirby launch since Kirby Super Star Ultra by over 120,000 more copies than the latter.[8] In the United Kingdom, Kirby and the Forgotten Land quickly outsold 2.5x more physical copies than Kirby Star Allies at launch, making it the first Kirby game to reach #1 in sales there, and also making it the fifth most sold Kirby game there, ahead of Kirby and the Rainbow Curse but behind Kirby's Return to Dream Land.[9] Within the first two weeks, Kirby and the Forgotten Land sold a total of 2.65 million units worldwide, making it the third most-selling Kirby title at the time, outselling Kirby: Triple Deluxe but behind Kirby Star Allies.[10]


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In other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
Japanese 星のカービィ ディスカバリー Translates to Kirby of the Stars: Discovery.
Traditional Chinese 星之卡比 探索發現 Translates to Kirby of the Stars: Discovery.
Simplified Chinese 星之卡比 探索发现 Translates to Kirby of the Stars: Discovery.
Korean 별의 커비 디스커버리 Translates to Kirby of the Stars: Discovery.
German Kirby und das vergessene Land Translates to Kirby and the forgotten Land.
Dutch Kirby en de Vergeten Wereld Translates to Kirby and the Forgotten World.
Kirby et le monde oublié Translates to Kirby and the forgotten world.
Kirby and the Forgotten Land Same as English.
Italian Kirby e la terra perduta Translates to Kirby and the lost land.
Kirby y la tierra olvidada Translates to Kirby and the forgotten land.
(Latin America)
Kirby and the Forgotten Land Same as English.





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