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The winner is...


Bonkers VS. Bugzzy

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Moonlight Mansion
A popularity contest between two of the hardest mini-bosses Kirby has ever faced! Which one is more intimidating? VOTE NOW!

Votes for Bonkers

  1. I changed my vote, feeling a bit sorry for Bonkers. I love simians, and I love hammers. Bonkers could squash Bugzzy. Blue Ninjakoopa Happy Holidays 18:51, 24 December 2008 (UTC)
  2. 2 i vote for bonkers because bonkers is the only suppyer of the most powerful ablity, hammer(plus he rocks). Bdaman8
  3. 3 I vote for Bonkers cause he's insane! That ape is gonna bounce all over Bugzzy with his big ol' mallet! BOOM! Herrrrrrrrrrrrre's Bonkers!(Nutjob94)
  4. 4 Hammers are the easiest thing to use.I have Kirby Super Star Ultra and I dont know how to use Suplex! +Using Bugzzy in Helper to Hero, HE CANT DEFEAT WHISPY!!! Bonkers is better,stronger-He can pwn anyone anyday!! User:DragoonRider
  5. Bonkers can just use hammer flip to pawn Bugzzy. (kirbydaigo)

Anonymous votes

1. Bugzzy is an insect and has miniature versions of himself, but Bonkers has a giant hammer which he can set on fire and could easilly squash that teensy bug anytime.

2. Bonkers has a hammer, what more do you want!!?

Votes for Bugzzy

  1. I don't Bonkers or Bugzzy, but I like Backdrop Kirby.Coutinho305
  2. Bonkers has higher HP and more attacks, but Bugzzy is harder to predict and looks way cooler. -Timson622222 ^_^
  3. Buggzy is way less predictable while Bonkers is really easy Bugzzy is also cooler Fryster1997
  4. Buggzy cause Kirby does have a bit more trouble with blades instead of hammers. Bonkers is just a hyped of version of dedede if you think about it. #5 Buggzy is more unique so you're not really expecting it! Silica Joe
  5. Bugzzy, he gives Suplex. What more is there to say? DINNER!, --Bandana Dee.png Kirby111 Talk to me 03:02, 11 January 2009 (UTC)
  6. That is one sexy purple bug :P I'm ~CrystalCrystal lucario thing.PNGLucario~ And I approve this message.

Anonymous votes

  1. Buggzy is harder to defeat, not to mention his Fury Stomp is lethal. Also, he can send other insects to peeve Bonkers so he can do a Suplex on him immediately after Bonkers swats the other insects. (in the future, i'm planning to make an account, and my username'll be SwordKnight)
  2. Bonkers is a wimp and is easy while Bugzzy is hard and unpredectible and is AWESOME!
  3. Bonkers stands still between attacks and his moves are repetitive and are easy to predict, but Bugzzy has stong attacks and is always moving which gives you less time to attack. Bugzzy will pick up that overgrown chimpanzee and crush him the way we snap tooth picks.
  4. Buggzzy has more and cooler attacks then Bonkers....and he has wings.
  5. Buggzzy as a helper in KSSU is fairly useful,since using his only air kick can be used to hurt Bosses & Mini-bosses while waiting.Bonkers does have his hammer to dish out a chunk of damage,but has a moderate amount of delay.

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