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Gamefreak75 (talkcontributionslogs)

Result: Passed. Switched to strong support before the request was closed. BNK [E|T|C] 21:29, August 20, 2010 (UTC)

I have much experience with wikia tools. Crys and EmptyStar are both inactive beauracrats. I have helped immensely to the Kirby: Right back at Ya! articles. AlthougH I used to be immature and an asshat, I have changed. While there were no admins active and before Starman was an admin, i took care of the spam and vandalism. I treat everyone with respect as long as they do the same to me.--Game JetGame.pngFreak WOOOOSH!




  1. Neutral - I'm sure that you're an excellent contributor, and your longevity helps this, but I'm not sure you'd handle the tools properly, and that you'd make decisions without community consensus, such as passing requests left and right, etc. BNK [E|T|C] 01:44, July 16, 2010 (UTC)


No, I wouldn't misuse the tools, don't worry. And I would have everyone have their say before I make a rash decision. --Game JetGame.pngFreak WOOOOSH!

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