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This page details known issues about Kirby Wiki. If you would like to report a new problem, or see an error in the wiki that you do not know how to correct, please contact an administrator.

Browser acid test

The series of Acid tests are a set of documents testing browser compliance to web standards. If your browser does not render Acid1 or (partially) Acid2 correctly when compared to the reference render, then it will not display some or all articles in Kirby Wiki properly. (This includes many versions of mobile browsers, as well as Internet Explorer 7 or earlier). Otherwise, please update your browser to the latest version available and most problems should be solved.

Mobile browsers also have a limited allocation of memory depending on the device being used, so if the target page is media-rich e.g. one of Kirby Wiki's music pages, sometimes not all information is loaded.

Known issues

  • Text string from invalid escaped tag in the form of <r> replaces link to hide/show logs in Special:RecentChanges. Error is server-side and is related to the MediaWiki 1.19 migration. Wikia has already acknowledged the notification. No time frame on fix.
  • Citation links using ref tags within galleries generate an extra link within the .image.lightbox anchor, instead of only within the .lightbox-caption div. This happens in both Monobook and Oasis. Error is related to the MediaWiki 1.19 migration. Wikia has already acknowledged the notification. No time frame on fix.

Solved issues

Nav tables

Affected group Users without a username browsing using Opera.
Details The green navigational tables using the class definition "detailtable" will not render properly in Opera only for users not logged in. It renders properly for every other browser, and for logged-in users.
Problems Since all navigational tables are supposed to have a 75% opacity filter applied to it, anonymous users browsing using Opera will have the text in the table cells running over a watermark at 40% opacity. The opacity for the watermark is set at a high 40% to offset the 75% opacity filter, but since the filter is not rendered, the text over the watermark is difficult to read. Other formatting such as table borders and margins will not be rendered correctly as well.
Cause Not known.
Solution Currently solved via a CSS noindex:-o-prefocus hack, but may not be permanent. Ref: CSS definitions changed. Issue is no longer present.