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This page documents the Mediawiki extensions and parser hooks requested and activated at Kirby Wiki in alphabetical order. Not all installed extensions are listed here since several of them are installed by default.

  • Special:Version - List of all installed extensions and Mediawiki version details.
  • w:Help:Extensions - List of extensions available on request from Wikia
  • - All extensions available at Activation is subject to approval from Wikia

Installed Extensions

Dynamic Page List (DPL)

Documentation DPL WebsiteDPL Manual
Requested by User:Changtau2005
Requested for Category:Database
Approved by w:User:Uberfuzzy
Approved on 5th May 2011

DPL is a powerful tool, allowing users to construct queries with specific constraints to display lists of certain pages, template arguments, and many other things, and define a (custom) display output for the data. Its syntax is necessarily complex, and incorrect use can substantially slow page loads. DPL is primarily used in Kirby Wiki within templates in the Database. To see a list of all DPL invocations, see Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:Extension_DPL

Easy Timeline

Requested by ?
Requested for ?
Approved by ?
Approved on ?

Easy Timeline allows for the construction of time lines within wikis with relative ease. It is mainly used to construct a graphical representation of a series of related articles in chronological order.

Labeled Section Transclusion

Requested by User:Changtau2005
Requested for
Approved by w:User:Uberfuzzy
Approved on 13 July 2011

Labeled (Labelled) section transclusion allows for selective demarcation and transclusions of (overlapping) sections of articles. It is a big improvement over the <includeonly></includeonly> <onlyinclude></onlyinclude> <noinclude></noinclude> tags.

The includesize of the the transcluded section when called using the extension syntax is the part enclosed within the section tags being called, not the whole page.

Recent Changes Patrol

Documentation Help:Recent_changes_patrol
Requested by User:Changtau2005
Requested for Special:RecentChanges patrol
Approved by w:User:Dantman ?
Approved on 15th June 2011

Recent Changes Patrol allows users with Patrol and Administrator privileges to look at Special:RecentChanges through a filter. Unpatrolled pages are marked with a "!" mark. Marking a page patrolled will remove the mark, which avoids repeat patrols. Edits from Administrator usergroups are automatically marked as patrolled.

Pending Requests


Declined Requests


Requested by User:Changtau2005
Requested for Category:Database
Declined by w:User:Uberfuzzy
Declined on ?th May 2011

Sort allows for automatic sorting of lists or arrays delimited by a common delimiter in ascending / descending order. It is useful for sorting a list constructed from several transclusions without having to resort to manual JavaScript sorting in tables.

Declining reason: "Wikicode not a programming language"

Request an Extension

Administrators or Bureaucrats of Kirby Wiki can ask for an extension to be activated by contacting Wikia either through e-mail or by Special:Contact after outlining the reasons for activating the extension to Wikia staff. If you do not have admin or bureaucrat privileges and wish to activate an extension, state the extension and the proposed project which would use it on the Talk Page.

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