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Kirby Wiki is an online encyclopedia dedicated to Nintendo's Kirby series. If you're a fan and/or you've played the games, join the fray!

Brief history

This wiki was founded on April 6th, 2007 by Max2, then Dantman added the general styling for the Monaco wiki skin. Changtau2005 put together the backgrounds used from 2011-onwards. NerdyBoutKirby started the tradition of changing Kirby Wiki's logo to coincide with new releases and special occasions in 2015.

There has been changes to the composition of the administration team since then - the current members are listed here.

If you are an anonymous user and you intend on helping out, sign up and create an account. If you already are a member here, log in. Have a look at our policy page and the editing manual especially if you're new to wikis! Like most wikis, we have articles that are stubs, lack images, and need clean-up.

Wikia Spotlights

Every now and then, Wikia staff picks the best wikis which they host and feature them within the footer of every page in all other wikis randomly during certain times like game release dates where the content of that wiki is particularly relevant. While users can and do nominate their wiki to be featured aside from the staff picks, our community doesn't do that (we're a modest bunch - and there's really no need to self-glorify right?)

That's why Kirby Wiki is proud to announce that although we're among the smaller and lower-profile wikis on Wikia, we have been chosen as a featured wiki by Wikia staff in their own accord at least four times. Keep up the great work everyone!

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