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Whispy Woods is a true icon of the Kirby series, and has been around since Kirby's Dream Land, the first ever game in the Kirby series. His timeless design has rarely changed throughout the series. Most commonly encountered as one of the first bosses in the games, he is historically regarded as one of the easiest, possessing a small number of easily-dodged attacks, which are most traditionally dropping apples and blowing out air puffs similar to Kirby. In certain games, he has some outlandish moves such as uprooting himself and walking about, but these occurrences are rare. Whispy Woods is featured in Kirby: Right Back at Ya! as the protector of Whispy Woods Forest.
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The Kirby's Dream Land 3 enemy Keke is based on the titular character of the animated film Kiki's Delivery Service. Not only does Keke share a similar name with the film's protagonist, Kiki, she also wears a similar black robe and has a similar hair style. Keke's ears also bear a striking resemblance to Kiki's bow.
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