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Similar to Freeze, Ice lets Kirby breathe frigid air to freeze individual enemies into ice blocks, which explode shortly or can be kicked and used as projectiles against the others. Similar to Fire, it is introduced as early as Kirby's Adventure, with similar basic mechanics and offensive potential. Ice Kirby wears a crystalline crown with an orange or blue jewel and gold mounting, and sometimes turns Kirby a bluish hue.
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After first appearing in a trailer for the cancelled Kirby GCN, HR-D3 made its official debut in Kirby Mass Attack. Its attacks and color scheme are virtually identical to those seen in the trailer, meaning the robot was likely included as a reference to the cancelled Kirby game. Despite this intentional reference, however, its laser is inaccurate; the laser HR-D3 fired in the Kirby GCN trailer was blue while the laser it fires in Kirby Mass Attack is orange.
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