Do The Kirby Slide! This Card Contains A FREE Game!
— Description • Kirby Slide

Kirby Slide (called Kirby Puzzle on the e-Reader menu) is a simple sliding puzzle game based on the Kirby series for the e-Reader peripheral for the Game Boy Advance. It was released sometime in late 2003 in North America. As with all software released for the e-Reader, the media is a card to be swiped across the card reader.

General Information

The objective is to unscramble the image of Kirby made up by the eight blocks, after which the player would be asked to choose yes or no to either continue playing or stop. The game was distributed through Toys 'R' Us chains from November 2003, as well as in the December 2003 issues of Nintendo Power and Tips & Tricks magazines to promote Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, the English dub of Kirby's anime aired on FoxBox. Once the image is unscrambled, the final piece fills in the empty slot and the screen shows the word 'Congratulations' and the game is finished.

As it lacks any credits list, the developer of this game is unknown, though it was most likely made by Nintendo of America.



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