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Kirby Manga Mania is the second longest-running manga series on Kirby,[2] and maybe the most famous manga, written by Hirokazu Hikawa (ひかわ 博一) and published by Shogakukan in Japan. The manga ran from April 27, 1995 to October 27, 2006. The series spanned 25 volumes in all.


Viz Media had announced that Hikawa Hirokazu's series will be released in North America under the title Kirby,[3] but on May 16, 2011, Viz Media removed the series off its website without giving any explanation. One decade later, the first volume will be released on June 8th, 2021. [4]

The series was released in France on September 2, 2020 under the name Les Aventures de Kirby dans les Étoiles (The Adventures of Kirby in the stars), with the first two volumes.


The manga is not considered to be canon. While it draws from the premises introduced in the games, it introduces new characters, events, places, and Copy Abilities and Mix abilities never seen in the games or in the anime. The most evident feature of the comic throughout its run is the dramatic change in art style, with Kirby's eyes being depicted as rather large after the first few volumes. The final few volumes suffered from quality problems concerning the illustrations, as is evidenced by the less intricate covers of the final volumes.


The manga features all of the major characters in the series, including Meta Knight, King Dedede, all Animal Friends, Dyna Blade, Dyna Chick, and many of the regular enemies, bosses, and mid-bosses in the games.



  • Most of the volumes were released on or around the 28th day of the month.
  • The 3 small marks that make up Kirby's blushes in his early design, are changed to his modern design of ovals in volumes 20-25.

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