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Choose from a cast of Kirby's most iconic copy abilities—including the brand-new Wrestler ability—and duke it out to be the last Kirby standing. Familiar friends and foes like Bandana Waddle Dee and King Dedede also make an appearance as playable characters in the Kirby Fighters 2 game, available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch™ system.
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Kirby Fighters 2 is a battle-action Kirby game developed by HAL Laboratory and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. It was released worldwide on September 23, 2020. A sequel to Kirby Fighters Deluxe, a stand-alone upgrade of the Kirby: Triple Deluxe sub-game Kirby FightersKirby Fighters 2 features more Copy Abilities, stages and playable characters alongside a new Story Mode and online multiplayer.


Kirby Fighters 2 is a fighting game where Kirbys with Copy Abilities, as well as Buddy characters, battle. The game contains a multitude of items, along with on-stage hazards and bosses in some stages.

The player can choose from eighteen different Copy Abilities in this game, along with five other characters; these include the same ten abilities that were featured in the Kirby Fighters Deluxe. These must be unlocked by raising your Fighters Rank through battling and progressing through the Story Mode. Additional stages, Story Items, and hats (which serve as alternate costumes for each ability) can also be unlocked by raising your Fighters Rank.

If the player has data from Kirby Star Allies on the system, they will unlock a Francisca style Rare Beam Hat, a Flamberge style Rare Sword Hat and a Zan Partizanne style Rare Staff Hat. If the player has data from Super Kirby Clash on the system, they will receive a rare Hero Sword Hat.


Battle Mode

Battle Mode is the main mode of the game, during which up to four fighters (or three CPUs) can choose from unlocked characters and Copy Abilities and battle on a stage. Players may compete in a team battle or a free-for-all.

Online Mode

Online Mode allows players to go online and play in a team battle.

Local Play Mode

Local Play Mode allows players to use multiple local Nintendo Switch systems to battle.

Story Mode: The Destined Rivals

Kirby Fighters 2 contains a Story Mode that can be played with up to two players. After choosing a Copy Ability/character, the players must fight through a certain number of floors in each Chapter to reach the Summit, where a boss is fought. In between each floor, players may choose one unlocked Story Item in the Item Room to assist them.

Single-Handed Mode

In Single-Handed Mode, a player must choose a Copy Ability/character and compete in a series of Rounds against increasingly difficult opponents without stopping. The mode has four difficulties; Easy, Normal, Hard, and Very Hard (which is only unlocked after the the other three difficulties are beaten).


Training allows players to experiment with fighting techniques against two CPUs in the Training stage.


By default, the only playable characters are Kirby and Bandana Waddle Dee.


Enemies/stage hazards


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Copy Abilities and Buddies

By default, the only playable Copy Abilities are Sword, Bomb, and Staff. The only buddy unlocked by default is Bandana Waddle Dee. All unlockable Copy Abilities are unlocked by reaching certain Fighters Ranks; Gooey and Magolor are unlocked by reaching certain Fighters Ranks. Meta Knight and King Dedede are unlocked by progressing though the game's story mode.

Ability/Buddy Unlock Criteria
Fighters Rank 1
KRTDL Bomb.png
KSA Staff Kirby artwork1.png
BandanaDee KF2.png
Bandana Waddle Dee
Fighters Rank 2
Gooey KF2.png
Fighters Rank 3
KF2 Yo-Yo.png
Fighters Rank 6
500x500 character beam-whip.png
Fighters Rank 10
Chara beetle.png
Fighters Rank 11
Hammer KF2.png
Fighters Rank 13
KRTDL Fighter.png
Fighters Rank 16
KSA Artist artwork.png
Fighters Rank 21
KRTDL Cutter.png
Fighters Rank 24
Fighters Rank 27
KTD Sniper.png
Fighters Rank 28
Water Kirby KRTDL.png
Fighters Rank 30
KF2 Parasol.png
Fighters Rank 31
Fighters Rank 33
Bell Kirbyjjj.png
Fighters Rank 37
KSA Magolor artwork.png
Fighters Rank 39
KPR Meta Knight artwork 2.png
Meta Knight
The Destined Rivals
Chapter 4 Completed
Dedede KF2.png
King Dedede
The Destined Rivals
Final Chapter Completed


Battle Mode

All stages playable in Battle Mode

By default, the only playable Stages are Green Gardens, Springy Hand Land, Dried-up Sea, and Training.


Unlocking Criteria

Almost all the stages are unlocked by getting a high enough Fighters Rank.

Stage How to Unlock
Gourmet Go Go Fighters Rank 3
Bubbly Clouds Fighters Rank 5
Haldera Volcano Fighters Rank 7
Castle Lololo Fighters Rank 14
Waddle Dee Train Tracks Fighters Rank 23
Coo's Forest Fighters Rank 25
Dedede Arena Fighters Rank 29
Butter Building Fighters Rank 35
Factory Tour Fighters Rank 37
Gigavolt Fighters Rank 40
Dyna Blade's Nest Fighters Rank 42
Fortress of Shadows Jambastion Entrance Fighters Rank 49
The Empyrean Fighters Rank 72
Fountain of Dreams Fighters Rank 81
Stage of Destined Rivals Beat Chapter 4
Stage of the Partners Who Shook the Heavens Beat Final Chapter

Secret Song Unlocking Criteria

All stages have secret songs that can be unlocked at certain Fighters Ranks.

Secret Song How to Unlock
Green Gardens Fighters Rank 19
Springy Hand Land Fighters Rank 31
Bubbly Clouds Fighters Rank 44
Gourmet Go Go Fighters Rank 58
Fortress of Shadows Jambastion Entrance Fighters Rank 60
Factory Tour Fighters Rank 67
Butter Building Fighters Rank 74
Coo's Forest Fighters Rank 76
Dyna Blade's Nest Fighters Rank 79
Dried-up Sea Fighters Rank 84
Haldera Volcano Fighters Rank 89
Waddle Dee Train Tracks Fighters Rank 92
The Empyrean Fighters Rank 93
Castle Lololo Fighters Rank 96
Dedede Arena Fighters Rank 97
Gigavolt Fighters Rank 97
Training Fighters Rank 98
Fountain of Dreams Fighters Rank 100
Stage of Destined Rivals Beat Chapter 4
Stage of the Partners Who Shook the Heavens Beat Final Chapter


Battle Items

Story Items

Story Items are items only obtainable in Story Mode. The player can choose one Story Item in the Item Room after clearing a floor. By default, there are three items to choose from in each Item Room.

Category Name Image
Auto-Guard Auto-Guard I KF2 Auto-Guard I.jpg
Auto-Guard II KF2 Auto-Guard II.jpg
Badge Bandana Waddle Dee Badge KF2 Bandana Waddle Dee Badge.jpg
Gooey Badge KF2 Gooey Badge.jpg
Magolor Badge KF2 Magolor Badge.jpg
Boss Badge KF2 Boss Badge.jpg
Buddy Skill Up Buddy Skill Up KF2 Buddy Skill Up.jpg
Charm Anti-Explosion Charm KF2 Anti-Explosion Charm.jpg
Anti-Gordo Charm KF2 Anti-Gordo Charm.jpg
Anti-Hazard Charm KF2 Anti-Hazard Charm.jpg
Anti-Mike Charm KF2 Anti-Mike Charm.jpg
Cursed Ring Cursed Anti-Ghost Ring KF2 Cursed Anti-Ghost Ring.jpg
Cursed Attack Ring KF2 Cursed Attack Ring.jpg
Cursed Auto-Heal Ring KF2 Cursed Auto-Heal Ring.jpg
Item Selection Bonus Item Selection Bonus KF2 Item Selection Plus.jpg
Recovery Cherry KF2 Cherry Story Item.jpg
Energy Drink KF2 Pep Brew Story Item.jpg
Maxim Tomato KF2 Maxim Tomato Story Item.jpg
Score Statue Bronze Score Statue KF2 Bronze Score Statue.jpg
Silver Score Statue KF2 Silver Score Statue.jpg
Gold Score Statue KF2 Gold Score Statue.jpg
Sticker Auto-Heal Sticker KF2 Auto-Heal Sticker.jpg
Crackler Sticker KF2 Crackler Sticker.jpg
Explosives Sticker KF2 Explosives Sticker.jpg
Extension Sticker KF2 Extension Sticker.jpg
Ice Container Breaking Sticker KF2 Ice Container Breaking Sticker.jpg
Mint Leaf Sticker KF2 Mint Leaf Sticker.jpg
Quick-Cheer Sticker KF2 Quick-Cheer Sticker.jpg
Score-Bonus Sticker KF2 Score-Bonus Sticker.jpg
Zap Weapon Sticker KF2 Zap Weapon Sticker.jpg
Stone Attack Stone Lv. 1 KF2 Attack Stone Lv 1.jpg
Attack Stone Lv. 2 KF2 Attack Stone Lv 2.jpg
Attack Stone Lv. 3 KF2 Attack Stone Lv 3.jpg
Attack Stone Lv. 4 KF2 Attack Stone Lv 4.jpg
Cursed Attack Stone Lv. 5 KF2 Cursed Attack Stone Lv 5.jpg
Ghost Stone Lv. 1 KF2 Ghost Stone Lv 1.jpg
Ghost Stone Lv. 2 KF2 Ghost Stone Lv 2.jpg
Ghost Stone Lv. 3 KF2 Ghost Stone Lv 3.jpg
Ghost Stone Lv. 4 KF2 Ghost Stone Lv 4.jpg
Cursed Ghost Stone Lv. 5 KF2 Cursed Ghost Stone Lv 5.jpg
Health Stone Lv. 1 KF2 Health Stone Lv 1.jpg
Health Stone Lv. 2 KF2 Health Stone Lv 2.jpg
Health Stone Lv. 3 KF2 Health Stone Lv 3.jpg
Health Stone Lv. 4 KF2 Health Stone Lv 4.jpg
Cursed Health Stone Lv. 5 KF2 Cursed Health Stone Lv 5.jpg
Quick-Charge Stone Lv. 1 KF2 Quick-Charge Stone Lv 1.jpg
Quick-Charge Stone Lv. 2 KF2 Quick-Charge Stone Lv 2.jpg
Quick-Charge Stone Lv. 3 KF2 Quick-Charge Stone Lv 3.jpg
Quick-Charge Stone Lv. 4 KF2 Quick-Charge Stone Lv 4.jpg
Cursed Quick-Charge Stone Lv. 5 KF2 Cursed Quick-Charge Stone Lv 5.jpg
Recovery Stone Lv. 1 KF2 Recovery Stone Lv 1.jpg
Recovery Stone Lv. 2 KF2 Recovery Stone Lv 2.jpg
Recovery Stone Lv. 3 KF2 Recovery Stone Lv 3.jpg
Recovery Stone Lv. 4 KF2 Recovery Stone Lv 4.jpg
Cursed Recovery Stone Lv. 5 KF2 Cursed Recovery Stone Lv 5.jpg


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Related Quotes

Kirby vs. Kirby vs. Kirby vs. Kirby

Choose from a cast of Kirby's most iconic copy abilities-including the brand-new Wrestler ability-and duke it out to be the last Kirby standing. Familiar friends and foes like Bandana Waddle Dee and King Dedede also make an appearance as playable characters.

Prove your pink puffball prowess and scale the tower in Story Mode

Meta Knight and King Dedede having seemingly teamed up to challenge Kirby to a buddy gauntlet! Fight alongside a buddy (player or computer controlled) to scale the tower, choosing helpful items between each round that will power you up for the rest of your ascent.

Friends can join the fray locally or online.

Up to four players can battle on the same system*, with local wireless, or online**! Choose a free-for-all or team battle and customize the rules to your liking.

Each of the playable abilities and characters has a distinct play style and set of moves. Abilities like Cutter and Archer excel at ranged attacks, while Wrestler and Fighter like to get up close and personal! Other characters like Gooey or Bandana Waddle Dee bring a variety of moves from the past Kirby games. Experiment with them all to find and master your favorite.

Earn Fighters Points as you play to level up your Fighters Rank to unlock abilities, characters, stages, and more. You'll even unlock Rare Hats that change the look of certain copy abilities—Cutter Kirby rocking a mohawk is a sight to see.

When you aren't battling with friends or scaling the tower in Story Mode, Single-Handed mode is a one-player trial of 9 back-to-back battles! It's great for practicing your skills or gaining some Fighters Points.

Players with save data for the Kirby Star Allies game can get Rare Hats of the Three Mage Sisters, and players with save data for the Super Kirby Clash game can get a Rare Hat for Sword Kirby.
— Kirby Fighters 2 • Nintendo eShop


  • Kirby Fighters 2 was leaked on Nintendo's Play Nintendo microsite on September 22, 2020. The Game Finder application briefly listed it among games for Nintendo Switch, with its icon, description, and MSRP. The discovery was spread on Twitter before Nintendo removed the listing.[3][4]
    • Kirby Fighters 2 is the first Kirby game to be leaked before its official reveal.

Members of the development team wear masks.

  • Kirby Fighters 2 is the first Kirby game to be developed and released during the COVID-19 pandemic. The development team could not communicate with each other in person due to their remote work environment. They had previously worked together on Super Kirby Clash, so they were familiar enough that no communication issues or major problems arose.[5]
  • Kirby Fighters 2 is the first expanded sub-game to introduce an original Copy Ability, and is the second spin-off in the series to do so overall, with the first being Balloon in Kirby: Canvas Curse.
  • This is the first game where Meta Knight is both one of the main antagonists and final bosses.
  • Kirby Fighters 2’s training theme is a remix of the training theme from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.
    • Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards’ training area also appears as a stage in the game.
  • Unlike the previous Kirby games on the Nintendo Switch, Kirby Star Allies and Super Kirby Clash, instead of running at 30fps, Kirby Fighters 2 runs at 60fps, thus making this the first Kirby game on the Nintendo Switch to run at 60fps.

Concept designs of the Copy Ability select screen.

  • In released concept designs of the Copy Ability select screen for Kirby Fighters 2, one can see the icon for the Fire ability in the top right design, and artwork for the ESP ability in the bottom right design. This may suggest that both Fire and ESP were planned to appear in the game at one point, but were ultimately scrapped.
    • Additionally, the bottom right design uses artwork of White Kirby and Red Kirby, despite them not appearing in the game. This may also suggest that selectable alternate palettes were planned and scrapped as well, although they may be serving as placeholders instead.



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