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Kirby Family[2] was a program developed by HAL Laboratory featuring characters from the Kirby series, intended to be released in Japan for the Game Boy Color in 2001, but was cancelled soon after its announcement.

General Information

Kirby Family was a collection of 32 pre-set patterns forming the like of characters from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. When transmitted by the Game Boy Color to a special embroidery machine manufactured by Jaguar, the pattern selected is reproduced on cloth. It was the spiritual successor of Mario Family, a Japan-only Game Boy Color game that operated exactly the same way.

The program was showcased along with the embroidery machines at Nintendo Space World 2001, but the plans to retail it outside of the event for ¥6,800 on September 10, 2001 were scrapped.

The final build of the game was leaked on September 9, 2020.[3]



  • The images on Kirby Family's title screen, as well as the embroidery patterns in the game and the music on the title screen, are all largely based on Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.
  • Kirby Family is the only cancelled Kirby game to be completely finished (though not manufactured) before cancellation, and the only one to leak online in a playable state.



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