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Be the first to tap the card on the bottom screen that matches the card appearing on the top screen. The first to three wins.
— Instruction manual description • Kirby Super Star Ultra

Kirby Card Swipe is one of the sub-games in Kirby Super Star Ultra. It has a single-player mode (with three difficulty settings). However, it may also allow for 2-4 players.


The bottom screen of Kirby Card Swipe

In this game, four Kirbys compete in a reaction-based game. The touch screen shows a number of cards and the top screen shows a card turned upside down. When the card on the top screen is flipped, the player has to touch the same card on the touch screen before his/her opponents do. The player has only one try, so if he/she misses the card, or touches the wrong card, he/she can't touch another time. If he/she touches it too early, he/she will be restricted from tapping again for two rounds. First to three points win.

The cards show pictures of different Kirby characters from various games. Level 1 starts out with common and recurring enemies, as well as the Animal Friends (the original three only). As the level increases, so does the number of different cards, with mid-bosses and bosses added in level 2 and final bosses in level 3. The number of cards presented during each draw also increases between each level.

The game has a traditional Japanese theme, with sliding doors and cherry blossoms (or occasionally white and red origami shuriken, which changes the traditional theme to that of Samurai Kirby), as well as the Kirbys sporting the same physical appearance from Samurai Kirby.


  • Kirby Card Swipe is based on games played in real life with karuta, a term for Japanese playing cards. The word karuta represents both Portuguese-descended card sets such as hanafuda, and e-awase cards descended from indigenous-made sea shell game pieces. The types of reaction-based games that Kirby Card Swipe represents would use e-awase cards. The sub-game's origins are directly referenced in its Japanese name.


All the cards in Kirby Card Swipe.