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KPR Susie artwork.png This article is about the Flash game promotion for Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. For the 2005 Nintendo DS game, see Kirby: Canvas Curse.

Draw your own piece of Kirby artwork with cool images, backgrounds, paintbrushes and more!
— Description • 4Kids TV website

Kirby Canvas Craze (also called Kirby Canvas Curse Painter) is a web game in the Kirby series. It was developed and published by 4Kids TV in 2005 as a promotion for Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. It is a Kirby-themed reskin of the 4Kids TV game Painter. It was deleted from the website sometime in the second half of 2007.[1]


Kirby Canvas Craze is a simple art program. The player is given various tools in the leftmost toolbar to draw in the rectangular canvas. These include the following:

  • A pencil for thin strokes.
  • A brush for thick strokes, with three thickness levels.
  • A palette with 20 different colors.
  • An eraser for deleting mistakes, with three levels of thickness.
  • Two shapes: square and elipse, which can be reshaped or filled with color.
  • Clip art of two images: Kirby riding the Warp Star and Kirby punching. These can be resized or oriented by clicking and dragging the cursor, though they cannot be angled.
  • Six background patterns: An explosion with stars, stars with images of Kirby, blue circles containing Kirby's Copy Abilities, King Dedede's mallet pattern on repeat, various Kirby: Right Back at Ya! characters on a blue background, and stars on a tan background. A blank option is also available to reset the background.

There are two additional options. "Reset" erases any line or object the player placed, but not the background or color selected in the palette. "Print" allows the player to print the image with a connected printer or save it to the computer as a PDF.


  • As Kirby Canvas Craze lacks any credits list, the name(s) of the developer(s) is unknown.
  • As suggested by its temporary name, Kirby Canvas Curse Painter, the game's name was likely chosen to capitalize on the then-newly released Kirby: Canvas Curse.
  • The game's exact release date is unknown, though the earliest record of it was recorded on September 7.[2]
  • If the player places a background and uses the eraser, the background itself is partially erased. The only way to restore it is to reset.
  • If the player selects a color other than the default black and places clip art, it appears as a colored silhouette. Because the player cannot deselect colors, the only way to restore a new clip art is to refresh the page; resetting does not correct this issue.

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