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Delicious Times, Precious Memories
— Chain slogan, September 2018

Kirby Café, stylized KIRBY CAFÉ, is an official real-life chain of small pop-up restaurants located in Japan based on the Kirby series.

General Information

In 2016, the café's first location opened on August 5th in Osaka, Japan. A few weeks after the first location opened, the second location opened in Nagoya. The third and final location was in Tokyo. After three months of the Kirby Cafés being open, on October the 30th, Nintendo decided to close the remaining locations down. This may have been because of plans for Super Nintendo Land, a theme park that is planned to open in 2020 at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka.

The café featured special food dishes inspired by elements and characters from the Kirby series, including Kirby himself, King Dedede, Waddle Dee, Meta Knight, Whispy Woods, Planet Popstar, Maxim Tomatoes, Invincible Candy, and the Star Rod. The café also included a gift shop where people could buy merchandise based on the franchise. This merchandise included The Sound of Kirby Café, a CD containing new arrangements of music from the Kirby series specifically created to be played as background music in the café. The café contained Kirby-themed decorations. A plush of Waddle Dee would sit with any single guests.

The café re-opened in Tokyo in September 27, 2018 with an updated menu.[1] The menu and line of souvenirs expanded on February 27, 2019.[2] On April 10, 2019, the Kirby Café announced that it would stay open throughout the summer of 2019 until September, and would be known as Kirby Café: Summer. Along with that, the café will receive more menu items and merchandise on June 11th, 2019.[3] A fourth location opened in Hakata on August 8, 2019, featuring an updated menu and merchandise.[4] The location in Hakata closed temporarily on November 4th, 2019, and then reopened on November 14th, 2019 with new dishes added to the menu.[5]

On December 12, 2019, the Kirby Café in Tokyo opened permanently, with more new dishes.[6] Additionally, the location in Hakata also opened permanently on March 12, 2020 with more new additions to the menu.[7] That year, these two Kirby Café locations are set to rebrand to "Kirby Café Summer 2020" from July 9 to September 13. This will feature a special logo and new menu items.[8]


Name of Dish (translated) Name of Dish (Japanese) Price (¥) Description (translated from website) Image
Kirby's Soft Pancakes カービィのふんわりパンケーキ ¥1,480  It is a fluffy pancake expressing Kirby pink by adding a puree of Francoise to a blend of fresh cream and custard cream. Kirby Cafe food 1
Waddle Dee's Luxurious Hayashi Rice ワドルディのぜいたくハヤシライス ¥1,680 It is an authentic hayashi rice finished with beef fried in red wine and a demiglace sauce that combines deep richness and mellow flavor. Kirby Cafe food 2
Pop star Seafood Curry Grumbling Preparation ポップスターカレー 海の幸ごろごろ仕立て ¥1,680 Squid seafood curry perfect for summer. Turmeric rice and rice flour were used to express Popstar and two "rings" Kirby Cafe food 3
King Dedede's Heaping Pizza デデデ大王の山盛りピザ ¥2,200 Nicolle style pizza made with pizza kiln enough to the edge apart. Kirby Cafe food 4
Whispy Woods's Green Greens Plate ウィスピーウッズのグリーングリーンズプレート ¥1,800 One plate with Italian bread "Focaccia" with black olives and sausages. We also added homemade hamburger steak and white fish fries, finished in a balanced manner. Kirby Cafe food 5
Kawasaki's Whimsical Cold Fruit Pasta Containing Mango カワサキの気まぐれでマンゴーがゴロッと入っちゃった冷製フルーツパスタ ¥1,750 It is cold fruit pasta finished with vinegrette sauce of Italian dried tomato and mango using luxurious Italian ham and mango. Kirby Cafe food 6
Maxim Tomato's Full Recovery Pasta マキシムトマトの全回復パスタ ¥1,480  It is a warm tomato sauce pasta made with plenty of summer vegetables, mainly fresh tomatoes. Kirby Cafe food 7
Maxim Tomato's Cup Soup マキシムトマトのカップスープ ¥600 It is a pleasant cold soup for hot weather, based on tomatoes and peaches. The "M" part was reproduced with balsamico and potatoes. Kirby Cafe food 8
Meta Knight's Affogato that he suddenly eats after waking メタナイトが起きがけにいきなり食べてるアフォガート ¥700  It is a dolce with the name "Drowned (Ice)" in Italian, which is served with vanilla ice cream with Italian espresso. Kirby Cafe food 9
Fountain of Dreams Sparkling Cocktail (Non-Alcoholic) 夢の泉スパークリングカクテル(ノンアルコール) ¥750 Expresses the color of the fountain of dreams with pink grapefruit syrup and blue curacao. Kirby Cafe food 10
Orange Ocean Granita オレンジオーシャングラニータ ¥800 It is sweet and sour refreshing drink which finished Granita (frozen drink) often drunk in hot summer in Italy with orange & mango taste. Kirby Cafe food 11
Pupupuccino プププチーノ ¥650 Espresso added with plenty of whipped milk which is used for roasted coffee beans in Italy. Kirby Cafe food 12
Kirby's Macaroon Cookie Shoe カービィのマカロンクッキーシュー ¥600 A luxury cream puffed with raspberry and custard, two layers of cream in a shoe fabric cooked with cookie dough stacked. Kirby Cafe food 13
Maxim Tomato Cupcake マキシムトマト カップケーキ ¥580 Coated special rare cheese cream made with New Zealand cream cheese luxuriously with Fran-Bowers sauce. Kirby Cafe food 14
Invincible Candy Cupcake むてきキャンディー カップケーキ ¥580 Topped with two types of flavoise cream and fresh cream on a moist cupcake containing chocolate chips. Kirby Cafe food 15
Star Rod cupcake スターロッド カップケーキ ¥580 Coated special rare cheese cream that used luxury cream cheese from New Zealand with mixed source of apricot & orange & mango. Kirby Cafe food 16
New dishes (2018)
Whispy Woods's Energetic Feast Plate ウィスピーウッズのもりもりごちそうプレート ¥2,580 Plenty of feast plate menu.

(Spinach cream pasta, Teriyaki Teriyaki Apple Ginger Sauce, Chicken Rice, Potato Salad, Petit Desert)

M 1-1
Kirby Burger & Seasonal Vegetable Meat Pasta Plate カービィバーガー&季節の野菜のミートパスタプレート ¥2,580 Add the eggplant and okra meat sauce pasta to Kirby Burger. You can take unused ones out of the plate. M 2-1
Waddle Dee is napping - Japanese omelette rice ワドルディのおひるねオムライス ¥1,680 Waddle Dee's omelet rice, to make you slimy. Please enjoy it for a cute sleeping face for a while. (Tottotto egg, Demi saus of rice beet, Rice) M 3-1
Kirby's Suction Caprese カービィのすいこみカプレーゼ ¥1,380 Fresh tomato and Mozzarella cheese, with basil sauce. Please eat before Kirby is eating. M 4-1
Kirby Burger for Kids カービィバーガー for Kids ¥980 Children up to elementary school children only menu. It is a plain hamburger seasoned only with ketchup. M 5-1
Kawasaki's Fiery Bread Stew カワサキの気まぐれでいろいろ煮込んでみちゃったパンシチュー ¥1,480 In the fragrant buns, Demichi stew with ingredients and rich ingredients from a chef 's careful selection (?). M 6-1
Cook Kawasaki's Fluffy Frying Pan Pasta コックカワサキのふわとろフライパンパスタ ¥1,480 To old-fashioned simple Napolitan, accent of egg torotto & cheese. M 7-1
Cook Kawasaki's Forest Blessing Seafood Marinade コックカワサキの森の恵みと魚介のマリネ ¥880 It is a dish based on the seafood soup with Kirby pasta. M 8-1
Whispy Woods's Energetic Sweets Plate ウィスピーウッズのもりもりスイーツプレート ¥2,580 Plenty of sweet plate menu.

(Roll cake, cream puff, churos, berry cake, chocolate fondue in wi spee woods)

M 9-1
Kirby's Fluffy Strawberry Mousse カービィのふんわりいちごムース ¥1,480 Add stuffed mousse with custard cream and crunchy sauce. It is a light dessert that you can eat alone with one person. M 10-1
Invincible! Candy Parfait むてき!キャンディパフェ ¥580 I instinctively dashed! Mini-size parfait is perfect after a meal of delicious taste. M 11-1
Meta Knight's Fondant Chocolate that he sneaks out with his cloak メタナイトがマントからこっそり取りだすフォンダンショコラ ¥780 From the warm chocolate cake, it melts and melts chocolate. Please enjoy while feeling the warmth of Meta Knight. M 12-1
Kirby's Unexpected Marshmallow Au Lait (ICE · HOT) カービィのうきうきマシュマロ・オ・レ(ICE・HOT) ¥1,180 Café au lait with Kirby marshmallows. You can choose from two marshmallows.

  • Kirby's buttocks
  • Floating Kirby
M 13-1
Orange Ocean Juice オレンジオーシャンジュース ¥780 While mixing the gradation of sunset, enjoy the change of taste. M 14-1
Yogurt Yard Drink ヨーグルトヤードドリンク ¥780 A lot of berries, a little rich yoghurt drink. M 15-1
Kracko's Bubbly Soda Finishing Blow Preparation クラッコのシュワシュワソーダ とどめの一撃仕立て ¥880 A little more than the overthrown Kracko! Strawberry soda is the last blow! Even after clearing, please enjoy yourself without distracting. M 16-1
Art Collection Au Lait アートコレクション・オ・レ ¥1,980 Please choose your favorite art and enjoy it. You can take unused ones out of the mug. M 17-1
Cook Kawasaki's Piping Hot Cheese Fondue コックカワサキのあつあつチーズフォンデュバーグ ¥1,980 Dinner limited menu from 17 o'clock. Please enjoy the hot-water hamburger steak with crispy mushrooms. M 18-1
New dishes (2019)
Coffee Curry and Whispy’s Farm Veggie Curry コーヒーのカレーとウィスピーファームの野菜のカレー ¥2,480 Curry that brings out the richness and depth by original blended coffee, and refreshing healthy curry based on tomato. Please enjoy two kinds of combination. M 19-1
Kirby's Breath! Hot Dog with Cheese Sauce カービィのすいこみ!ホットドッグwithチーズソース ¥1,580 A full-fledged hot dog with plenty of vegetables and savory sausages. You can also enjoy the change of taste with cheese sauce. Please come before Kirby inhales it! M 20-1
Kirby's Warm Soup Pasta & Cheese Toast カービィのぽかぽかスープパスタ&チーズトースト ¥1,680 When you take the cook hat, you’ll find minestrone soup with two-color Kirby pasta. It is also recommended to soak cheese toast in the soup to make it a "Maxim Tomato". M 21-1
Maxim Tomato's Complete Recovery Plate マキシムトマトの完全回復プレート ¥2,480 Dessert plate of Maxim tomato stew. With a fruity original "tomato jam" and a refreshingly delicious "sorbet with tomato", your stomach and mind are fully charged! Enjoy harmony with cheesecake and yogurt. M 22-1
Cook Kawasaki's Whimsical Frying Pan Parfait コックカワサキの気まぐれフライパンパフェ ¥1,080 The chef Cook Kawasaki made parfait in a frying pan. The end is served with the crepe dough. M 23-1
Madly Loving ☆ Friends Heart Cocktail メロメロ☆フレンズハートカクテル ¥880 A non-alcoholic cocktail that uses one whole "Friends Heart" to make you fall madly in love. Please come back to Kirby Café again and again. M 24-1
Birthday Anniversary Souvenir Au Lait バースデー記念スーベニア・オ・レ ¥1,980 Starts from April 1! A limited time drink with a ceramic logo with a ceramic tumbler and a birthday special coaster. M 25-1
New dishes (Kirby Café: Summer)
Kirby’s Summer Vacation カービィのなつやすみ ¥2,580 We have reproduced the summer days of Kirby relaxing on the beach with a well-balanced one plate based on gapa rice. With orange yogurt dessert. (You can not eat the flowers) M 26-1
The Ultimate Choice Curry of Whispy’s Farm ウィスピーファームのカレー The アルティメットチョイス ¥2,580 Meatball curry where vegetables are carefully boiled to bring out the richness and sweetness. Freely choose the "difficulty" with Ultimate Sauces and enjoy!
Kine’s Floating Yogurt Granola カインのぷかぷかヨーグルトグラノーラ ¥1,980 Kine's jelly, made with orange peel syrup and apple juice, is a refreshing dish that swims in a granola-filled yogurt. M 28-1
Dedede the Great’s Lost Articles デデデ大王のわすれもの ¥1,880 A dessert with the motif of the trademark of Dedede the Great, a hat and a hammer. The hat itself, made with white grapes and strawberry syrup, was served with yellow peach and mango cream. M 29-1
Aqua Star Cocktail ウルルンスターカクテル ¥1,280 A non-alcoholic cocktail, with Kirby relaxing between the waves. We added lemon and mint to a tropical based drink and finished it with a flavor that matches well in summer. There are two types of marshmallows to choose from.

  • Kirby's buttocks
  • Floating Kirby
M 30-1
Fruity Forest フルーティフォレスト ¥1,980 A refreshing carbonated drink with plenty of fruits such as berries, kiwi and pine. If you mix the two layers of apple flavor at the bottom of the jar, the taste is exactly like the fruit forest. M 31-1
Ice Mag Heat アイスマグヒート ¥1,980 Topped with cream and round slices of orange and mint in a refreshing citrus flavored cola. ◎ It can also be served as dessert in the sense of the mixing cream. M 32-1
New dishes (Hakata only)
Whispy Woods’s Salad Plate ウィスピーウッズのもりもりサラダプレート ¥1,880 It is a salad plate with the motif of the forest of Whispy Woods, full of blooming flowers, fruits, and nuts. Please enjoy a plentiful supply of apple dressing. M 33-1
Cook Kawasaki’s Prosperous Grated Daikon Hat Burger コックカワサキのハットときめくおろしバーグ ¥1,680 A juicy and chewy hamburger topped with Cook Kawasaki’s hat, expressed with grated daikon radish. Put a refreshing ponzu on it by your choice. M 34-1
Star-Falling Walleye Pollack Roe Pasta with Sesame and Soy Milk ごまと豆乳の星降る明太子パスタ ¥1,380 Sesame paste and soy milk make it a simple and healthy cream pasta. You can also mix the walleye pollack roe little by little and enjoy the change of taste to a walleye pollack roe cream pasta. M 35-1
Cook Kawasaki’s Meat Plate with Whole Maxim Tomato コックカワサキのミートプレート with まるごとマキシムトマト ¥1,980 A hearty hamburger steak topped with a luxurious, whole Maxim Tomato. The mille-feuille of bacon and cheddar cheese is addictive once you eat it. M 36-1
Kirby Café Bread カービィカフェブレッド ¥200 It is a bread with a little sweetness that is soft and fluffy. Only served with food and set meals. M 37-1
Fluffy Warp Star Pancakes ふわふわワープスターパンケーキ ¥1,980 Fluffy pancakes with ample thickness in the sparkling, starry sky. Special amaou cream was added to make it taste even more UP!! M 38-1
Peppermint Palace ペパーミントパレス ¥1,980 A refreshing carbonated drink with plenty of mint and blueberries. Stir the vivid green apple syrup well and have a drink. M 39-1
Yellow Dunes イエローデューンズ ¥1,980 A sweet and sour tropical soda drink with lime added to mango and pineapple. M 40-1
New dishes (Hakata, November 2019)
Kirby's Inhale! Tonkotsu Ramen Dog カービィのすいこみ!とんこつラーメンドッグ ¥1,280 An amazing ramen dog that reproduces Hakata ramen entirely on soft and delicious bread dough! You can also enjoy taste changes with three types of condiments. Please eat before Kirby inhales it! M 41-1
Kirby's Warm Beef Stew with Warm Vegetable Garnish カービィのぽかぽかビーフシチュー 温野菜添え ¥1,480 When you take the cook hat, you can enjoy a lot of beef stew with beef that has been boiled. Add coffee powder to make it even more delicious! Warm vegetables are GOOD, even if you dip them in stew! M 42-1
Kirby's Search カービィのさがしもの ¥1,480 What are you doing, Kirby, burying your face completely in the clouds? Are you looking for something? Enjoy the harmony of strawberry flavored rare cheesecake and cream. M 43-1
Invincible Complete Recovery Plate むてきの完全回復プレート ¥1,880 The one plate of that perfect recovery item and that invincible item is realized! Please enjoy it when you want to have an important event, an important economic pre-presentation, or a feeling of happiness. M 44-1
Orange Woodland オレンジウッドランド ¥1,980 An adult drink where you can enjoy the harmony of two orange and cinnamon scents. With a mint accent for a more refreshing flavor. M 45-1
Grape Garden グレープガーデン ¥1,980 A drink with a new approach that uses the name of the stage as a motif. A pleasant and refreshing flavor with a gorgeous float and dill (herb). M 46-1
New dishes (Tokyo, Winter 2019)
Kirby Café's Authentic Kiln Pizza ~Maxim Tomato Margherita~ カービィカフェの本格窯焼きピッツァ~マキシムトマトのマルゲリータ~ ¥1,380 The harmony of authentic Italian mozzarella cheese and Maxim Tomato sauce are outstanding! An authentic royal road pizza with basil fragrance. M 47-1
Kirby Café's Authentic Kiln Pizza ~Dedede's Highly Recommended Fresh Ample Ham Salad~ カービィカフェの本格窯焼きピッツァ~デデデのいちおし生ハムたっぷりサラダ~ ¥1,680 A luxurious pizza with prosciutto ham tightened over the pizza dough. A dish made healthy with crisp salads, it is Dedede the Great's favorite dish. M 48-1
Kirby Café's Authentic Kiln Pizza ~Quattro Fromage with the Fragrance of Dream Land~ カービィカフェの本格窯焼きピッツァ~プププランドの“アレ”が香るクアトロフロマッジュ~ ¥1,480 A fixated pizza that is topped with 4 types of cheese and scented with “are” native to Dream Land. M 49-1
Kirby Café's Authentic Kiln Pizza ~Waddle Dee's Naughty Terrichiki Corn~ カービィカフェの本格窯焼きピッツァ~ワドルディのわんぱくテリチキコーン~ ¥1,380 Waddle Dee's favorite studded, stir-fried teriyaki chicken and corn, baked with plenty of mayonnaise! M 50-1
Kirby's Fluffy Pancake カービィのふわふわパンケーキ ¥1,480 A fluffy pancake with ample thickness, with Kirby's strawberry ice cream put on top. Enjoy the contrast with a warm pancake! M 51-1
Crispy ☆ Warp Star Apple Pie さくさく☆ワープスターアップルパイ ¥1,880 A crispy Warp Star pie with sweet and bittersweet caramelized apples and fluffy cheese cream. Together with the attached soft cream! M 52-1
Green Greens グリーングリーンズ ¥780 A drink with the motif of Green Greens, with sky blue and green colors. The red crush imitating an apple is the secret of taste changes! M 53-1
Kirby Café's Authentic Kiln Pizza ~Greed Half & Half~ カービィカフェの本格窯焼きピッツァ 〜よくばりハーフ&ハーフ〜 ¥3,980 A greed pizza, You can enjoy two flavors at once. Please enjoy combining two kinds you like. M 54-1
Kirby's Inhale! Hors d'Oeuvre カービィのすいこみ!オードブル ¥980 A wide variety of hors d'oeuvres, with hors d'oeuvres and fruit salads finished with prosciutto, cream cheese and olives. Please eat it before Kirby does! M 55-1
Kirby's Loco Moco rice bowl カービィのもぐもぐロコモコボウル ¥1,980 Hamburg steak and Hot Spring Eggs poured with original Loco Moco sauce! Please mix it gently before eating. M 56-1
Whole Eggplant Meat Pasta on the Milky Way Wish まるごと茄子のミートパスタ 銀河にねがいをのせて ¥1,380 Meat sauce pasta with plenty of ground meat using one whole eggplant. Top it with your wishes and enjoy! M 57-1
Cook Kawasaki's Whimsical Porcini Mushroom Pasta コックカワサキの気まぐれパスタ ポルチーニ茸のパスタ ¥1,480 Special Cook Kawasaki cream pasta using porcini mushrooms and maitake mushrooms. It is recommended to put the remaining sauce on the bread. M 58-1
Kirby Café Apple Tea Bread カービィカフェブレッド アップルティー ¥280 An original bread full of apple and tea flavors. Great compatibility with maple marmalade! M 59-1
Kirby's Inhale! Bagna Càuda カービィのすいこみ!バーニャカウダ ¥980 Enjoy plenty of colorful vegetable sticks with special bagna càuda sauce. M 60-1
Waddle Dee's Roly-Poly Hand-Made Pikora ワドルディのコロコロ手ごねピッコラ ¥580 A one-sized menu designed by Kawasaki. The pizza dough is rolled by Waddle Dee, and the inside is moist while the outside is a crunchy fried dish. M 61-1
Maxim Tomato Mini Soup マキシムトマトのミニスープ ¥480 Minestrone soup with plenty of tomatoes. Even if the size is mini, your stomach and heart will be fully charged! M 62-1
Whispy Woods's Macaroni & Smoked Potato Salad ウィスピーウッズのマカロニ&スモークポテトサラダ ¥880 Potato salad with homemade garlic is popular and will power you up! It's a healthy combination with macaroni salad, finished with apple dressing. M 63-1
Matcha Mousse Preserved by Meta Knight メタナイトが大事にとっておいた抹茶ムース ¥780 Adult green tea mousse with exquisite bitterness. A royal harmony of vanilla ice cream and bracken mochi with black honey cling, Meta Knight is convinced it's important. M 64-1
Freshly Picked from Whispy! Cool Apple Parfait ウィスピーのとれたて!ひんやりんごパフェ ¥980 Whispy Woods's apples in various topping arrangements, such as diced and sauce. Enjoy a finished parfait with sweetness, crispness, and a cool texture. M 65-1
Doctor Kirby's Secret Research Soda ドクターカービィのヒミツの研究ソーダ ¥1,280 Doctor Kirby's secret research kit. For successful experiments, please help Kirby by all means! M 66-1
New dishes (Hakata, March 2020)
Kirby's Mumbling Meatball Curry カービィのもぐもぐミートボールカレー ¥1,980 Mix the meatballs and the soft-boiled egg with the original curry sauce lightly and enjoy. M 67-1
Kirby Café's Kiln Dessert Pizza ~Waddle Dee's Freshly Picked Chocolate Bananas~ カービィカフェの釜焼きデザートピッツァ ~ワドルディのもぎたてバナナチョコレート~ ¥1,280 A pizza topped with sweetness and texture with fresh bananas, chocolate sauce, and crispy flakes. Enjoy some caramel sauce if you like it! M 68-1
Kirby Café's Kiln Dessert Pizza ~Whispy's Fragrant Caramelized Apples~ カービィカフェの釜焼きデザートピッツァ ~ウィスピーのりんごの香ばしキャラメリゼ~ ¥1,380 Topped with hot custard cream and caramelized apples. Enjoy the exquisite harmony of sweetness and bitterness. M 69-1
Kirby's House カービィのおうち ¥1,980 Kirby's round house finished with fresh rare cheesecake. It seems that the consultation for the new menu may be held here. M 70-1
Kirby Made It! Variety-End Helper Parfait カービィがつくった!ハリキリおてつだいパフェ ¥1,580 Kirby's homemade menu debuts! Kirby puts it on his arm to serve. You can leave it up to other staff for the arrangement, but if you're up to the task... (Note: The photo is an image of when it is prepared carefully) M 71-1
Fluffy Amaou Bread ふんわりあまおうパン ¥380 An original bread where you can enjoy the luxurious aroma and taste of amaou. What a Kirby-like color! Served with condensed milk & strawberry sauce, which also turns into a Kirby-like color when mixed. M 72-1
Warp Star Pancake mini ワープスターパンケーキ mini ¥680 For those who want to eat a tiny dessert. It is a fluffy pancake that is nice even if it is small. M 73-1
Kirby Burger & Potato Fries カービィバーガー&ポテトフライ ¥1,280 You can enjoy a simple Kirby burger. Comes with potato fries and pickled vegetables. M 74-1
Kirby Café's Authentic Kiln Pizza ~Dedede is Satisfied! Ample Meat Sauce~ カービィカフェの本格釜焼きピッツァ ~デデデもまんぞく!たっぷりミートソース~ ¥1,280 A pizza that uses plenty of popular, original meat sauce, a balanced and perfect pizza. M 75-1
Whispy Woods's Warming Lunchtime ウィスピーウッズのぽかぽかランチタイム ¥2,980 You can enjoy a variety of ingredients such as meat, salad, fruit yogurt, etc. in a well-balanced manner, and it comes with a Whispy Woods cocotte and a special place mat. M 76-1
Cook Kawasaki's Catering Apple Ginger Chicken コックカワサキのまかないアップルジンジャーチキン ¥1,480 A juicy chicken with effective spices, and sweet and spicy ginger in an apple ginger sauce goes well with it, Cook Kawasaki cooked it with all his might! M 77-1
Dedede the Great's Kakuni the Mountain デデデ大王の角煮・ザ・マウンテン ¥1,080 Dedede Mountain, which you can see from the white sea of ​​clouds, is a stewed, simmered cube. At the bottom, a thick cheese sauce spreads out. Enjoy the garnished vegetables with cheese fondue. M 78-1
Run Away! Waddle Dee Chocolate Fondue にげろ!ワドルディ チョコレートフォンデュ ¥1,480 A chocolate fondue studded with colorful fruits and sweets. Please save the panicked Waddle Dees! M 79-1
Kirby Café's Kiln Dessert Pizza ~Forest Fruit A La Mode~ カービィカフェの釜焼きデザートピッツァ ~森のフルーツ ア・ラ・モード~ ¥1,480 Sweet and sour pizza using plenty of forest fruits, including blueberries. It has a crumbly, crunchy texture and an aroma for a luxurious finish. M 80-1
Kirby Café's Kiln Dessert Pizza ~Greed Half & Half~ カービィカフェの釜焼きデザートピッツァ ~よくばりハーフ&ハーフ~ ¥3,980 It is a dessert pizza where you can enjoy two kinds at once. M 81-1
Happy Birthday ☆ Kirby ハッピーバースデー☆カービィ ¥1,380 N/A M 82-1
New dishes (Summer 2020)
Kirby's Mumbling Gapao Bowl カービィのもぐもぐガパオボウル ¥1,980 The Kirby Café gapao of great popularity has been renovated into a pasta! An everlasting summer dish with a perfect score, it is a small bowl with not too much to eat. M 83-1
Cook Kawasaki's High Spirit ♪ Everlasting Summer Seaside Pilaf コックカワサキのノリノリ♪常夏シーサイドピラフ ¥1,680 A seafood pilaf with the motif of Cook Kawasaki enjoying a vacation at a sandy beach. Comes with secretly garnished chicken and hamburger to eat. M 84-1
Kirby's Summer Vacation 2020 カービィのなつやすみ 2020 ¥1,580 Kirby's summer vacation has come around at this time of year! The healthy raw materials reproduce Kirby enjoying summer at the beach. M 85-1
Ice Kirby's Fluttering ☆ Frozen Parfait アイスカービィのときめき☆フローズンパフェ ¥1,280 By borrowing a little power from Ice Kirby, we made a refreshing blue shaved ice. The compatibility of the ice cream and bittersweet pink grapefruit is outstanding! M 86-1
Planet Misteen 惑星ミスティーン ¥1,980 A refreshing drink based on the image of the beautiful, sparkling, emerald sea of Planet Misteen. Enjoy the texture of floating jelly and coconut milk floating between the waves. M 87-1
Marriage of Truths and Lies 嘘と真のマリアージュ ¥880 A drink with the motif of Marx, a clown with a fondness for mischief, has appeared in the time of need with an "I want you to drink this!" I think something may be wrong, so it'd be a good idea to be careful... M 88-1
Summer Kirby Burger & Meat Pasta 夏のカービィバーガー&ミートパスタ ¥2,680 The Summer Kirby Burger is introduced, wearing cheerful sunglasses! A plate where you can enjoy a balanced meal of your desires, together with meat pasta and lukewarm vegetable toppings. M 89-1
Cook Kawasaki's Excitement! Beachside BBQ コックカワサキの豪快!ビーチサイドBBQ ¥1,580 An irresistible iron plate barbecue with the aroma of a savory, deluxe sauce. Relish the exciting outdoor menu as you adjust the spiciness to your liking with The Ultimate Sauces! M 90-1
Kirby Café's Authentic Kiln Pizza ~Dedede Resort's Luxury Seafood~ カービィカフェの本格窯焼きピッツァ~デデデリゾートのぜいたくシーフード~ ¥1,480 A pizza with plenty of delicious sausage and seafood. Enjoy the tender seafood native to Dedede Resort. M 91-1
Kirby Café's Authentic Kiln Dessert Pizza ~Captivating Pineapple & Mango~ カービィカフェの本格窯焼きデザートピッツァ~魅惑のパイン&マンゴー~ ¥1,380 The popular dessert pizza from Hakata appears in Tokyo for a limited time during the Summer fair! A juicy pizza with plenty of pineapple and mango in the dazzling form of the summer sun. It has supreme compatibility with sweet custard cream! M 92-1

The Sound of Kirby Café

An album full of the Cafés' background music was originally sold exclusively on-site as The Sound of Kirby Café, but was later released commercially through the Japanese website Ebten[9].

It contains remixes of many themes from across the series, including at least one theme from every main series game up until Kirby: Planet Robobot with the exception of Kirby: Squeak Squad.

A second album full of new music for the permanent opening of the Kirby Café in Tokyo was released as well. This time, remixes of music from games up to Super Kirby Clash are included.

# Japanese Name English Translation Source
1 新緑のカフェテラス/グリーングリーンズ A Café Terrace With Fresh Greenery / Green Greens
KDL logo
2 バターたっぷりビルディング/バタービルディング Plenty of Butter Building / Butter Building
KA logo
3 グルメット!カーニバル/激突!グルメレース Gourmet! Carnival / Gourmet Race
4 ふわふわのらくえんで/クラウディパーク〜リップルフィールド In a Fluffy Paradise / Cloudy Park ~ Ripple Field
KDL2 logo
KDL3 Logo Remaster
5 木漏れ日のティータイム/森・自然エリア Teatime Underneath Sunbeams Streaming Through Leaves / Forest / Nature Area
KAtM logo
6 やすらぎのオアシス/エアライド:サンドーラ Peaceful Oasis / Air Ride: Sky Sands
KAR logo
7 Sunset Tower/スカイタワー Sunset Tower / Sky Tower
KRtDL Logo
8 蜜は甘く,咲くは可憐に/ミステリアストラップ〜この星をかけた魂の戦い The Honey Is Sweet, and the Blooming Is Lovely / Mysterious Trap ~ The World to Win
KTD logo
9 王様と魔女のランデヴー/カービィシリーズ番外編メドレー The King and Witch's Rendezvous / Kirby Series Extra Chapter Medley
KRtDL Logo
KCC logo
KatRC Logo
10 Sixty-four/VS. ゼロ・ツー Sixty-four / VS.
K64 logo2
11 ゴハンをたべてゆめをみて/銀河にねがいを:スタッフロール Having a Meal and Then Dreaming / Milky Way Wishes: Staff Roll
12 Café De Planet/桃球発進!ロボボアーマー〜銀河に名立たるハルトマン Café De Planet / Pink Ball Activate! ~ The Noble Haltmann

*Listen Here

The Sound of Kirby Café 2

# Japanese Name English Translation Source
1 きらめき星、うまれて Sparkling Star, Birth
2 踊る森の実りたち Harvest of the Dancing Forest
KA logo
KRtDL Logo
3 マリオネットキッチン Marionette Kitchen
KRtDL Logo
4 Tomorrow's Tea Times Tomorrow's Tea Times
BlowoutBlast Logo
KDL logo
TeamKirbyClashDeluxe Logo
5 黄昏と星空の珈琲店 Café of Dusk and the Starry Sky
KSSU logo
6 王様きらきらフルコース Glittering Full Course King
KSSt logo
KStSt logo
7 ブリリアントブルー Brilliant Blue
KatRC Logo
8 聖夜のシュガーホワイト Sugar White of the Holy Night
KRtDL Logo
KAR logo
9 ブライト オブ ドリーム Bright of Dream
KNiD logo
10 モノクロームブレンド Monochrome Blend
KDL3 Logo Remaster
KSQSQ logo
11 空と花の香りの思い出 Memories of the Scent of Flowers and the Sky
KTD logo
12 Smile-Sisters & Gentleman Smile-Sisters & Gentleman
13 眠れるキカイのプラネット Sleeping Mechanized Planet
K64 logo2
14 いつか、その夢も Someday, That Dream
SKC Logo
KDL logo


Name of Product Cost (Yen) Image
Hand Paint Stacking Mug Cup (Yellow / Blue) ¥ 1,650 G 09-01
Kirby Café Original Style Mug Cup ¥ 1,600 G 21-01
Acrylic Madler (Candy / Maxim Tomato / Star Rod) ¥ 1,000  G 02-01
Cork coaster (logo / Kirby / Waddle Dee) ¥ 400 G 18-01
iPhone case (Kirby & Waddle Dee Yellow / Blue) ¥ 1,800 G 01
Canvas Art (Kirby & Waddle Dee / Aozora Kirby Café) ¥ 3,850 G 04-01
Maxim tomato spuntex cushion & neck pillow ¥ 3,850 G 05
Kirby spandex cushion & neck pillow ¥ 3,850 G 06
Water absorption quick drying also Mini Towel (Kirby / Candy / Maxim Tomato) ¥ 800 G 23-01
Kirby Café Original Washcloth ¥ 1,200 G 22-01
Kirby Café Original Textile Cotton Tote ¥ 2,400 G 10-01
Kirby Café Original Faux Leather × Cotton Flat Tote ¥ 2,850 G 07
Kirby Café Original Leather Handle × Heavyweight Cotton Tote Bag ¥ 6,800 G 26-01
Kirby Café Original Textile Charm Pouch ¥ 2,400 G 11-01
Kirby Café Original Candy Cut ¥ 3,000 G 16-01
Kirby Café Original Logo Cut and sewn ¥ 3,000 G 15-01
Kirby Café Original Logo T-shirt ¥ 3,000 G 17-01
Clear file (Kirby / Aozora Kirby Café) Each ¥ 300 G 12-01
Post card (12 types) Each ¥ 150 G 14-01
2.5 Dimension Premium Postcard (5 types) Each ¥ 300  G 13-01
Crystal Magnet (8 types) Each ¥ 400 G 03-01
Acrylic Key Chain (Candy / Maxim Tomato / Star Rod) Each ¥ 500 G 25-01
Acrylic badge (7 types) Each ¥ 600 Screenshot 2017-04-09 at 6.01.51 PM
Kanbajji (capsule toy, 10 kinds) 1 PLAY ¥ 300 G 08-01
Acrylic key holder (capsule toy · 5 types) 1 PLAY ¥ 300 G 19-01
Your name Seal (sealing machine) 1 PLAY ¥ 300 G 24-01
The Sound of Kirby Café / Sound of Kirby Café ¥ 1,800 Cd 01
Mascot (Kirby / Waddle Dee) ¥ 1,300 G 42-1
Mug cover with lid Kirby ¥ 3,900 G 43-1
Suction Salad Bowl Kirby ¥ 3,600 G 44-1
Minicup with capped maxim tomato ¥ 1,800 G 45-1


  • The Kirby Café located in Tokyo was actually a part of a building called Skytree, a broadcasting, restaurant, and observation tower.
  • Some of the alternate headgear for King Dedede and Waddle Dee in Kirby Battle Royale reference Kirby Café's artwork.
  • Kirby Café located in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. Location of 2nd and 3rd cafés can be an reference to Chef Shiitake (Osaka in Japanese version of anime) and Chef Nagoya.
  • Some pieces of furniture in Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn reference the Kirby Café. The Neon Café Sign appears to be inspired by the café's art style, and various menu items are shown by the Dish of the Day.







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