Assemble your double-sided game board by connecting the four pieces together. Don't forget, each side features a different game. It's double the fun!
— Description • Board Game Rules

The Kirby Board Game is a board game in the Kirby series. It was developed and manufactured by Wendy's in November 2003 as a promotion for Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. It was packaged with Kids' Meals as one of five Kirby-themed toys.


The Kirby Board Game is a basic game. After choosing one of the two game boards, the youngest player flips a card on the card pile. He/she moves his/her game piece the appropriate number of spaces unless the card flipped is the "lose your turn" card. Certain spaces benefit or hinder the player who lands on it, granting extra turns or forcing him/her to move backward. The player who reaches the finish first wins. The Game One board has 22 spaces while the Game Two board has 29.

Included with the game are 16 cards: Five ones, three twos, three threes, two fours, two fives, and one "lose your turn." On the first flip, the first player has a 31.25% chance of flipping one, a 18.75% chance of flipping two or three, a 12.5% chance of flipping four or five, and a 6.25% chance of losing a turn.

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Be the first player to reach FINISH!
— Object • Kirby Board Game
Separate game cards, playing pieces and card tray by carefully tearing apart along dotted lines. Shuffle cards and stack face down on card tray. Place round playing pieces on START.
— Set Up • Kirby Board Game
Youngest player goes first. Draw the top card from the pile and move forward number of spaces shown on card. Place card in discard pile face up. Now it's the next player's turn. When the last card in the pile has been used, reshuffle cards and place face down on tray again. Players continue moving around the board following instructions on each space until someone reaches FINISH.
— To Play • Kirby Board Game


  • As the Kirby Board Game lacks a credits list, the name(s) of the creator(s) is unknown.
  • The Kirby Board Game is the only board game in the Kirby series.
  • Because it is a board game, the Kirby Board Game is the only game in the series (excluding Flash games) that does not play any music.
  • The Kirby Board Game is the only Kirby game to be developed by a restaurant chain. Unlike the other Kirby: Right Back at Ya! games, this was not developed by 4Kids TV.
  • The Game One board is heavily based on Grass from Kirby Air Ride. This seems to be intended as a promotion for that game, as it released in 2003.

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