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KPR Susie artwork.png This article is about the final level in Kirby Star Allies. For the game it appears in, see Kirby Star Allies.

This "Dark Lord" that Hyness likes to talk about is a being with no sense of right or wrong. He was born only to destroy...and is known as Void Termina, Destroyer of Worlds. Hmm...that sounds pretty hardcore, so no pulling your punches! Kirby's biggest battle begins NOW!!
— World Select • Kirby Star Allies

Kirby - Star Allies is the final level of Kirby Star Allies, following Far-Flung - Starlight Heroes, and is the location where the final boss is fought. Despite its categorization as a level, it is not named after any specific place. Unlike other levels in the game, Kirby Star Allies has only one stage, as it is the final boss battle. This stage takes place entirely within a large circular arena made out of a stone-like material with a surface of what appears to be purple crystals, surrounded by a large number of dark stone orbs and an ocean of dark water.

Upon his defeat, Hyness, desperately searching for a way to revive the being that he and The Three Mage-Sisters worship, offers both himself and the mages to their god as a sacrifice. The offering is a success, and the Dark Lord of Destruction, Void Termina, is summoned into Kirby's dimension, completely destroying Jambandra Base. A Friend Platform drops from the ceiling, and Kirby and co. come together to form the Star Allies Sparkler; they then fly off to face Void Termina.

After Void Termina is defeated, he explodes in a bright light, destroying the arena he is fought in. Kirby and co. fly away in the Star Allies Sparkler, and Kirby is knocked unconscious. However, Kirby's allies come to his aid, and they see the light of Planet Popstar in the distance. A Warp Star appears, taking Kirby and co. back to their home.

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The friends have joined to create the legendary Star Allies Sparkler and confront the chaotic darkness!
— Onward, to the final battle! • Kirby Star Allies loading screen


  • This is the only world in the Kirby series that shares the same name as the game it appears in.
  • During the fourth phase of the battle, it is possible for Kirby to discard all of his friends. This does not, however, result in any major changes in the ensuing beam struggle between Kirby and Void Termina.
    • If Kirby ends the boss battle alone, the cutscene plays out mostly the same; however, instead of waking up on his own, Kirby is awoken by a small piece of debris from the arena gently hitting him. There are also other minor differences, such as Kirby hitting the spot where the debris hit him.

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