Kirby: Triple Deluxe Soundtrack is a soundtrack released in September 2014 and published by Nintendo of Europe. It was available on Club Nintendo for 2000 stars in Europe and 1500 stars in Australia.

The CD contains 49 audio tracks, with the first 46 being from Kirby: Triple Deluxe. The last three are new arrangements, and part of the "Triple Bonus Track." The contributing artists to the compilation are Hirokazu Ando and Jun Ishikawa.

Track Listings

  1. Sun, Sky, Dreamstalk
  2. Green Greens
  3. Floral Fields
  4. Hypernova Inhale
  5. The Cave in the Sky
  6. Tilting the World
  7. Chasing Down the Miniboss
  8. A Forest Hike
  9. Invincible
  10. Dark Clouds
  11. Bouncing Boss Battle
  12. Grand Sun Stone Dance
  13. Under the Sunshine
  14. Must Dash
  15. Toy Rhythm
  16. Spring Smash Factory
  17. Reflected Laughter
  18. Sky at Sunset
  19. Silver Snow Story
  20. Spinning Jungle
  21. Golden Legend
  22. Mountains in an Angry Sky
  23. Mysterious Trap
  24. Ripple Red
  25. Kirby Fighters
  26. Four-Way Fight in Coo's Forest
  27. Secret Area: HAL Room
  28. Majestic Flora
  29. Moonlight Capital
  30. Beautiful Prison
  31. Hypernova All-Stars
  32. Taranza, the Master of Puppetry
  33. Revenge of the Enemy
  34. Dedede's Royal Payback
  35. Divine Beauty
  36. Sullied Grace
  37. She Who Holds the Stars
  38. Fatal Blooms in Moonlight
  39. Last-Minute Hero
  40. The World to Win
  42. One of the Miracles
  43. Royal Warp
  44. Arena Showdown
  45. Shadow Strike
  46. A Well-Earned Rest
  47. Dededeluxe!
  48. Midnight Moonlight (Forever-Sleeping Flower)
  49. Dreams and Disappearing Kings


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