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==Kirby Wii trailer==
==Kirby Wii trailer==
Originally a new trailer for Kirby's Adventure/Kirby: Legend Of The Stars was set to be released on October 8 2010 but was canceled possibly because of [[Kirby's Epic Yarn]]
[[Video:Kirby Wii Trailer|300px|thumb|Kirby Wii E3 trailer]]
[[Video:Kirby Wii Trailer|300px|thumb|Kirby Wii E3 trailer]]

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A screenshot of the new Kirby game.

Kirby Wii (also referred to as Kirby: Legend of the Stars and Kirby Adventure) is the widely-used, unofficial title for a GameCube game that was cancelled but later re-announced for the Wii. Nintendo has not released any further info about this game's status for a long period of time, as well as having removed the game's page from their website, however a press release from July 31, 2009 confirmed that the game is still in development. However, it is unknown whether the game is officially cancelled, still in development, or replaced with the upcoming Wii game: Kirby's Epic Yarn.


All that was revealed about the story is that King Dedede steals Kirby's Warp Star and Kirby is trying to get it back.


The game features a variation of the Helper System from Kirby Super Star where up to three helpers can be created at once, they can then be controlled by up to three players or be computer controlled.

A stacking system has also been revealed where Kirby and his helpers can ride on each other's back possibly creating new attacks.

Looking at images, it is assumable that the helpers you make would've be either yellow, green or blue and looking at past games, yellow is assumably for 2nd player, green is for 3rd player and blue is for 4th.



Piggyback Helpers

Non-Copy ability Enemies


Kirby Wii trailer

300px|thumb|Kirby Wii E3 trailer


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