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Planet Popstar

Character Image Dialogue
Magolor KRtDL Magolor Head "Hey, Kirby! haven't seen any huge spaceship parts lying around, have you?"
Magolor KRtDL Magolor Head "As you probably noticed, when my Starcutter crashed here in Dream Land, a bunch of stuff broke off and went flying ever which way! The oars, the wings... Five very important parts have all gone missing!"
Magolor KRtDL Magolor Head "I also lost all 120 of my Energy Spheres. My poor ship is in shambles!"
Magolor KRtDL Magolor Head "Anyway, I'm going to stay here and try to repair the Lor as best I can. But I could sure use some help tracking down those missing parts..."

(Kirby defeats Whispy Woods in Cookie Country and recovers the Lor Starcutter's oars)

Magolor KRtDL Magolor Head "You did it, Kirby! My ship has its oars back! Thank you so much! I'm counting on you to find the other missing parts. Keep up the good work!"
Magolor KRtDL Magolor Head "And don't forget to keep an eye out for all those Energy Spheres! If you collect enough, the broken doors within my ship will reactivate. There are two really cool sub-games that you can play with your friends! Not to mention Copy Ability Rooms, with all kinds of Copy Abilities to try out. And there are several challenge stages that will really test your skills."
Magolor KRtDL Magolor Head "If you find enough Energy Spheres, reactivating those doors will be a breeze! So whenever you see one, be sure to grab it!"

(Kirby defeats Mr. Dooter in Raisin Ruins and recovers the Lor Starcutter's right wing)

Magolor KRtDL Magolor Head "You did it, Kirby! My Starcutter has its right wing back in place!"
Magolor KRtDL Magolor Head "Once we find all the parts and this baby can fly again, I'll take you on a trip to visit my home world! I come from a distant land... It lies at the end of an interdimensional tunnel connected to your planet. It's REALLY far away, but the Lor is a beast. It can get us there in no time."
Magolor KRtDL Magolor Head "I do hope you'll take me up on my generous offer."

(Kirby defeats Fatty Puffer in Onion Ocean and recovers the Lor Starcutter's left wing)

Magolor KRtDL Magolor Head "Welcome back, Kirby! With the left wing back in place, the wings are finally complete!"
Magolor KRtDL Magolor Head "It's finally looking like a real Starcutter again! If we can find those last two parts, the Lor will be flying again in no time."
Magolor KRtDL Magolor Head "Keep at it, Kirby. I believe in you!"

(Kirby defeats Goriath in White Wafers and recovers the Lor Starcutter's emblem)

Magolor KRtDL Magolor Head "Kirby, you've done it! My Starcutter finally has its emblem back. Oh joyous, glorious day!"
Magolor KRtDL Magolor Head "There's only one missing part left to find! And remember, once the Lor is up and running, I'll take you to visit my home!"
Magolor KRtDL Magolor Head "Crashing here on your planet, meeting you... Somehow, despite what an ordeal this has turned's been worth it."
Magolor KRtDL Magolor Head "Thank you yet again for all your help. And for being such a cool dude!"

(Kirby defeats Grand Doomer in Nutty Noon and recovers the Lor Starcutter's mast)

Magolor KRtDL Magolor Head "Oh, yeah! Yeah! YEAH! You did it, Kirby! The Lor is back in business! The oars, both wings, the emblem, and the mast... Yep, it's all there!"
Magolor KRtDL Magolor Head "The moment I've been waiting for. It's here! You're my hero!"
Magolor KRtDL Magolor Head "And a promise is a promise. I owe you a trip to my home. A trip to...Halcandra!"
Magolor KRtDL Magolor Head "Halcandra exists in another dimension. It's SUPER far away, but the Lor can fly us there in the blink of an eye!"
Magolor KRtDL Magolor Head "Pack some snacks, Kirby. We're off to Halcandra!"


Character Image Dialogue
Magolor KRtDL Magolor Head "Kirby... That dragon... Its name is Landia. It's lived on this planet for ages, but it's always been fast asleep. Recently, however, it awoke and went on a rampage!"
Magolor KRtDL Magolor Head "Please, Kirby, you must defeat that crazy dragon! I know I've asked a lot of you, but this is it, I swear!"

(Kirby defeats Metal General in Egg Engines)

Magolor KRtDL Magolor Head "Welcome back, Kirby! From here, it's just a hop, skip, and a jump to Landia's mountain lair!"
Magolor KRtDL Magolor Head "That fearsome dragon lives at the far edge of Halcandra, on the very peak of a volcano, surrounded by intense flames. The road from here gets a little bit rougher, but I'm sure you'll be just fine!"
Magolor KRtDL Magolor Head "Just hurry up and smash that dragon to smithereens!"

(Kirby defeats Landia in Dangerous Dinner, knocking the Master Crown to the ground)

Magolor KRtDL Magolor Head "Bravo, Kirby. You've truly earned your reputation as a hero. Your help defeating Landia was invaluable."
Magolor KRtDL Magolor Head "Ah... At long last, it's mine! The source of limitless power... The Master Crown!"
Magolor KRtDL Magolor "Obtaining this crown has been my ultimate goal all along!"
Magolor KRtDL Magolor "What's with all the weird looks? Fine. Let me explain everything."
Magolor KRtDL Magolor "I fought Landia by myself and lost. So I fled to Planet Popstar. That's when the thought struck me... I could have you defeat Landia for me! A stroke of genius, I know."
Magolor KRtDL Magolor "You even helped me repair my Starcutter. I really did appreciate that, by the way."
Magolor KRtDL Magolor "Anyway... MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The time has come for your planet... No! The time has come for the ENTIRE UNIVERSE to bow down to me. And for being such a big help in all of this, your planet gets to go first!"
Magolor KRtDL Magolor "Prepare to bow, Popstar! Welcome your new overlord!"

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