Kirbycolors This article is about the Flash game promoting Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. For the sub-game with a similar name, see Quick Draw.
Connect the dots in order. Give it a try!
— Instructions • Kirby's Quick Draw

Kirby's Quick Draw is a web game in the Kirby series. It was developed and published by Nintendo in 2015 as a promotion for Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. The game currently remains there.[2]


Kirby's Quick Draw is a timed connect-the-dots game. The player must click and drag the cursor across each point in numeric order, creating lines of different colors. These lines form the outline of a character whose facial features appear as images. When the outline is complete, artwork of the character appears, alongside a message. These include:

Number Character Points Message
Tutorial Grindarr 4 Congratulations! You got it! You're ready to play.
1 Kirby 10 Hi, Kirby!
2 Kirby Rocket 13 Blast off with Kirby Rocket
3 Bzztbulb 15 Don't get zapped! It's Bzztbulb
4 Grab Hand 19 Don't get picked up! It's Grab Hand
5 Whispy Woods 24 That's one angry tree. It's Whispy Woods
6 Bandana Waddle Dee 31 It's Kirby's good friend, Waddle Dee
7 Dangle Sloth 21 Dang, it's a droopy, bomb-dropping Dangle Sloth
8 Dethskullk 24 Uh-oh…it's a life-force draining Dethskullk
9 Sportle 34 This fellow will stick to you like glue. Meet Sportle!
10 The Claykken 35 Look out or you might get inked! It's Claykken

"The Adventure Begins" plays once during the game and can be muted at any time by clicking the pink audio button in the upper-left corner. The player's time only begins counting for each round after he/she has begun drawing lines. It is possible to restart by clicking the green button in the upper-right corner (though as a safeguard, the player must click "Yes" after clicking the button). When all ten rounds are finished, the "Stage Clear" music plays and the total drawing time is given. The player is then challenged to beat this time by playing again or to challenge friends by linking the game via Facebook.


  • Kirby's Quick Draw was the first Nintendo-produced Kirby Flash game since Speedy Tea Time that was not a photo editor.
  • Despite the message stating that Whispy Woods is "one angry tree," the artwork shown displays a neutral expression.
  • This is the only place in the series in which The Claykken is referred to only as "Claykken."
  • Inspecting the game's files reveals that several characters' names are untranslated. These include "wispyWoods," "deathSkullk," "squidLance."[3]
  • As Kirby's Quick Draw lacks any credits list, the name(s) of the developer(s) is unknown.



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