In this game, the first to veer from Kirby's traditional platforming roots, players helped Kirby explore three challenging pinball worlds by flipping Kirby's bouncy, ball-shaped body. Exciting traps, bonus games, and enemies filled each world. To beat the game, players had to help Kirby defeat several bosses and then win a battle against King Dedede!
— Summary • Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition

Kirby's Pinball Land is a pinball Kirby game developed by HAL Laboratory and published by Nintendo for the Game Boy. It was released in Japan on November 27, 1993, in North America on November 30, 1993 and in Europe on December 1, 1993.



King Dedede falls on top of Kirby somewhere in Dream Land. He creates pinball bumpers and uses them to jump in the air; Kirby turns himself into a ball and gives chase.


Kirby's Pinball Land stars Kirby in Ball (form) form. The game features three pinball tables, called Pinball Lands, each owned by a classic boss or mid-boss of the Kirby series: Whispy Woods, Kracko, and Poppy Bros. Sr.

Kirby's Pinball Land plays like a normal game of pinball, with two flippers used to help keep Kirby in play as he bounces off walls, bumpers and enemies, scoring points by doing so. Each pinball table has three floors; Kirby must make his way up to the third floor, where a Warp Star that delivers Kirby to where the boss resides. After destroying all three bosses, a Warp Star appears that leads to a fight with King Dedede. After defeating Dedede, Kirby is brought back to the level selection screen and can play through the levels again indefinitely.


At the start of the game, Kirby has three lives. Extra lives can be gained by filling the 'EXTRA' letters on the level selection screen, scoring extremely well in some sub-games, or hitting rare 1UP icons in some Pinball Lands.

KPL Springboard sprite

The springboard.

If the ball falls through the bottom of the Pinball Land, Kirby will land on a springboard. If the player presses the A Button at just the right moment, Kirby will launch out of the hole without losing a life. The springboard shrinks over time, and it becomes much more difficult to save Kirby. If the player doesn't press the A Button at the right moment, Kirby loses one of his lives. When all lives are lost, the high score table is displayed, and the player has the option to add their high score to the table if it is in the top four high scores.


  • Play only Bonus Games: Hold ← and Select, then press A or B.
  • Fight only bosses: Hold → and Select, then press A or B.
  • Delete high scores: At the Ranking screen, press ↓+Select+Start.


Each table has its own sub-game, which can be accessed from the second floor of each table. When time runs out, Kirby is sent to the third floor.

  • The Whispy Woods Bonus Game is a breakout-style game, using the pinball flippers to keep two Kirby pinballs in play. The Kirbys can break bunches of blocks to score Bonus Points.
  • The Kracko Land Bonus Game is an eating game, where one Kirby walks along some clouds near the top of the screen, and a Kirby pinball is used to knock up different items for him to eat.
  • The Poppy Brothers' Land Bonus Game is a soccer game, where two Kirbys try to shoot past a Squishy goalie into a goal to score Bonus Points.


Playable Characters


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BoolerBounderBroom HatterCappyChillyChuckieCloudyCrack-TweetFlapperGordoHurlyKabuMr. FrostyMumbiesNimbusPoppy Bros. Jr.ScarfySlippySparkySquishyTookeyTwisterUFOWaddle Dee


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Whispy WoodsPoppy Bros. Sr.KrackoKing Dedede

Levels (Tables)


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  • The game's default high-score table, which consists of ZEPHYRA, PHYSALI, DENDROB, and GERBERA, is a reference to the giant mecha anime Mobile Suit Gundam 0083; the robots used by the primary protagonists and antagonists are named "GP01 Zephyranthes", "GP02 Physalis", "GP03 Dendrobium", and "Gerbera Tetra."
  • Kirby's Pinball Land’s engine was later used for Pokémon Pinball.
  • Kirby Brawlball, a pinball sub-game in Kirby Mass Attack, is largely inspired by Kirby's Pinball Land. In addition to using the same basic rules, its logo in the Japanese version is based off of Kirby's Pinball Land’s Japanese logo, and both games use a cat to indicate when the player successfully enters a code.
  • Of all the games in the Kirby series, Kirby's Pinball Land has the fastest full-game speedrun. The top run was finished with a time of 5:45 on October 12, 2017.[2]

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When Kirby swallows a ball enemy, he turns into a ball and can bounce off of floors and walls. It's tough to control, but well worth it for the strong attack power it gives Kirby. After his debut in Kirby's Adventure, Ball Kirby has popped up in several more Kirby games, such as Kirby's Pinball Land and Kirby's Block Ball.
— Ball Kirby trophy description • Super Smash Bros. Melee


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