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An action game where a Kirby made of yarn uses a new set of abilities only possible with yarn. Along with various transformations, Kirby also has new Ravel Abilities.
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Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn is a platformer Kirby game developed by Good-Feel and HAL Laboratory and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS. It was released in Japan on March 7, 2019, worldwide on March 8, 2019, & in South Korea on April 12, 2019. It is an enhanced port of Kirby's Epic Yarn for the Wii.


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The story starts with Kirby strolling around Dream Land and finding a tomato that resembles his favorite snack, the Maxim Tomato. Unbeknownst to him, is was a Metamato owned by a sorcerer named Yin-Yarn, who has recently turned many of Dream Land's residents into yarn. Kirby proceeds to inhale the Metamato, ignoring Yin-Yarn's commands. After Kirby swallows it, the sock on Yin-Yarn's neck glows and sucks Kirby into the yarn world of Patch Land.

Shortly after arriving, Kirby witnesses Prince Fluff being chased by a Cyclod; he tries to inhale the Cyclod, but the air goes through his body, as Kirby had been transformed into yarn himself. However, Kirby suddenly transforms into a car and carries Prince Fluff away with enough speed to outrun the Cyclod.

Soon, Kirby and Prince Fluff arrive at Quilty Square, where Prince Fluff shows Kirby around. After venturing through Patch Castle, Kirby and Prince Fluff defeat the monster Lickeur and obtain a piece of magic yarn, which stitches Quilty Square and the next level together. As Kirby and Prince Fluff defeat the bosses of each level, they obtain more magic yarn, allowing them to stitch Patch Land's seven pieces back together, reversing the damage Yin-Yarn caused.

Meanwhile, Yin-Yarn causes havoc in Dream Land, turning the landscape into yarn and fabric, summoning yarn Waddle Dees to do his bidding and kidnap King Dedede, and sneak attacking Meta Knight to transport him to Patch Land as well. King Dedede became a marionette, and Meta Knight's mind went under Yin-Yarn's influence. After Meta Knight's defeat, he fills Kirby in on what happened in Dream Land, worrying Kirby, as there seemed to be no way back to Dream Land. However, Prince Fluff pulls out a magical sock identical to the one Yin-Yarn uses; it turns out that Yin-Yarn had stolen a sock from Patch Castle, but Prince Fluff had the other sock in the pair. Kirby makes his return to Dream Land, followed by Prince Fluff, Meta Knight, and King Dedede.

After traveling through familiar places turned into yarn, Kirby and Prince Fluff finally confront and defeat Yin-Yarn, revealing one last piece of magic yarn; however, Yin-Yarn uses this magic yarn to recreate himself and to transform into Mega Yin-Yarn, much to the surprise of Kirby and Prince Fluff. Meta Knight then swoops in and drops a Tankbot Metamortex, allowing Kirby and Prince Fluff to take defeat Yin-Yarn once and for all.

Upon Yin-Yarn's true defeat, Dream Land returns to normal, as does Kirby and his friends, aside from Prince Fluff, who stays in his native yarn form. The two part ways, making Kirby sad. However, Prince Fluff reminds him that as long as he has the magic sock, he can visit Prince Fluff in Patch Land at any time.


An enhanced remake of Kirby's Epic Yarn, Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn contains the same content as the original release, but also includes new power-ups, new modes, and new sub-games starring Meta Knight and King Dedede as the playable characters. The game now lacks co-op, so Prince Fluff is not playable.[3]

Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn adds six new items that allow Kirby to use Ravel Abilities.[4] It also adds Devilish Mode, in which Kirby must outrace a Devil through levels, and includes a health-bar. New sub-games have also been added. One features King Dedede, while the other features Meta Knight. Playing Devilish Mode and these sub-games rewards the player with new furniture and ways to decorate Kirby's Pad, which can be shared via StreetPass.[5]

Ravel Abilities

Ravel Abilities serve a purpose similar to Copy Abilities, in that they allow Kirby to perform new (or enhanced) moves. The player can discard a Ravel Ability by pressing X.

  • Knitting Needles: "Make a yarn ball anytime! Or make a HUGE yarn ball by wrapping up an enemy."
  • Wire: "Swing your sword and cut through anything! Turn the tables in a big way with a flurry of slashes."
  • Button: "Toss button bombs that can blow up all kinds of things. You could even blast open a path!"
  • Nylon: "Become a whirlwind. Spin, spin, and spin some more!"
  • Bobbin: "Flick your bobbin yo-yo with abandon!"
  • Marking Pins: "Throw those marking pins! Toss 'em at enemies left and right!"


Main Games

  • Story Mode



Playable Characters


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Regular Enemies

Amprey | Anemonee | Battins | Big Waddle Dee | Blipper | Bobber Clod | Boinger | Bomber | Bronto Burt | Buttonbee | Buttonbug | Buttonfly | Calderon | Candlemander | Chilly | Cutfish | Cyclod | Dandan | Danglerfish | Dropso | Emba | Embaconda | Embird | Flamer | Freezo | Gator | Gordo | Grizzo | Jelly Jr. | Lickeur | Li'l Kracko | Magmotamus | Mariner | Octopea | Ooki | Orbitfly | Rolling Clod | Sawgill | Scarfy | Sea Jelly | Shelby | Shotzo | Slobba | Sneak Sack | Snip-Snap | Soldier | Soocher | Space Jelly | Spore Jelly | Stogue | Sulkworm | Swadclod | Truck Monster | Twiggy Woods | UFO | Uniclod | Waddle Dee | Waddle Doo

New Enemies

Devilish Mode
  • Devil
    • Me-Devil
    • We-Devil
    • Ye-Devil
Dedede Gogogo


Blast Mariner | Combo Cannon | Kracko | Reactor | Space Kracko | Wicked Willow | Whispy Woods


Fangora | Hot Wings | Squashini | Capamari | King Dedede | Meta Knight | Yin-Yarn | Mega Yin-Yarn


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Items and Objects

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Fuse Bead | Life Bead | Life Piece | Lumina | Mat | Ravel Ball | Yarn Hat
Ravel Abilities: Bobbin | Button | Knitting Needles | Marking Pins | Nylon | Wire


Quilty Square is partially accessible at the start, but the rest of the areas can only be accessed after obtaining their corresponding Area Patch.

Stages in bold are boss stages. Stages in italics are bonus stages.

KEEY Quilty Square sprite.png
Quilty Square
Patch Castle
Grass Land
Grass Land
Fountain Gardens Flower Fields
Rainbow Falls Big-Bean Vine
Fangora Mole Hole Weird Woods
KEEY Hot Land sprite.png
Hot Land
Pyramid Sands Lava Landing
Cool Cave Dino Jungle
Hot Wings Temper Temple Dusk Dunes
KEEY Treat Land sprite.png
Treat Land
Toy Tracks Mushroom Run
Sweets Park Melody Town
Squashini Cocoa Station Dark Manor
KEEY Water Land sprite.png
Water Land
Splash Beach Blub-Blub Ocean
Secret Island Deep-Dive Deep
Capamari Boom Boatyard Fossil Reef
KEEY Snow Land sprite.png
Snow Land
Snowy Fields Cozy Cabin
Mt. Slide Frosty Wheel
King Dedede Frigid Fjords Evergreen Lift
KEEY Space Land sprite.png
Space Land
Future City Tube Town
Mysterious UFO Stellar Way
Meta Knight Moon Base Outer Rings
KEEY Dream Land sprite.png
Dream Land
Whispy's Forest Tempest Towers
Cloud Palace Castle Dedede
Yin-Yarn Meta Melon Isle Battleship Halberd


A demo of Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn was released in Japan on February 6, 2019; Europe on February 7, 2019; and North America on February 21, 2019.[6] In it, the player can play Fountain Gardens and Rainbow Falls on either Normal Mode or Devilish Mode.[7] Fountain Gardens demonstrates the Tankbot Transformation and the Knitting Needles Ravel Ability; Rainbow Falls demonstrates the Spin Boarder Transformation and Button Ravel Ability. Prince Fluff also appears once in each level, gifting Kirby a Star bead. This demo records the player's bead, streak, and HP high scores until the software is closed. It is unclear if the Ravel Ability locations will be the same for the final game, or if they are there simply to demonstrate the new mechanic.

amiibo Compatibility

KPR Maxim Tomato.png Main article: Yarn Hat

amiibo functionality illustrated

Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn can use Kirby series amiibo to obtain a Yarn Hat representing the character scanned. In addition to this, Kirby receives a Ravel Ability corresponding to the amiibo character. Scanning Kirby or Waddle Dee yields Knitting Needles, scanning Meta Knight yields Wire, and scanning Dedede yields Button.


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Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn has received mostly positive reviews, with the game currently holding a metascore of 80 on Metacritic based on 42 critic reviews.[8]

  • Gamespot gave it a 90, stating "This 3DS port is the best version of the game, hands down."
  • Nintendo Life gave it a 90, complimenting the creativity and art direction and praising the new additions such as an optional harder difficulty and new mini-games.
  • NintendoWorldReport gave it an 85, complimenting the art style, soundtrack, and creative levels, but also noting that is not necessarily the definitive version, noting certain shortcomings such as the lack of co-op.
  • Destructoid gave it a 75, noting the charm of the original formula, but stating that the "Ravel Abilities lack refinement, and ultimately, have no place in a game they were never meant to be in."

At launch, Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn sold 10,607 copies in Japan, claiming the #4 spot for software that week.[9] It sold through only 20% of its initial shipment.[10] Analysts expected this considering the age of the Nintendo 3DS.[11]


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  • Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn is one of two Kirby games on the Nintendo 3DS family of systems that cannot play with stereoscopic 3D. Kirby Battle Royale is the other.
  • Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn is the only Kirby game that does not update the graphics from the original version, instead opting to condense the existing graphics and add new content.
  • Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn was the final first-party Nintendo game to release on the Nintendo 3DS family of systems.
  • Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn was the final Kirby game released during the Heisei Era in Japan.
  • Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn was the last game in the series to use the iconic tilted logo that was used on the box art of games since Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land.
  • 3D Classics: Kirby's Adventure and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn are the only Kirby games for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems that did not have Miiverse communities. The former was released over a year before Miiverse debuted on November 18, 2012; the latter was released after Miiverse's worldwide discontinuation on November 7, 2017.
    • Due to the timing of Miiverse's discontinuation, Kirby Battle Royale had a community in Europe but not North America or Japan.
  • Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn takes up 11656 blocks of Nintendo 3DS memory when downloaded.
  • Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn is the only physically-released Kirby game for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems that did not receive its own website in North America.
  • If one excludes 3D Classics: Kirby's Adventure, Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn is currently the only Kirby game released after Kirby's Return to Dream Land that does not draw from the latter's creations.[12]
  • According to the original product information on Nintendo's website,[13] it was stated that Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn would be playable only on New Nintendo 3DS systems. This mistake was eventually rectified.

The mistake

  • On March 12, 2019, Nintendo released a Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn wallpaper, titled "Wallpaper 1 - Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn," on the My Nintendo rewards program. The preview image erroneously included a logo for the game Fortnite. The reward was quickly discontinued and replaced with a corrected version.[14]
    • My Nintendo also released a Fortnite-themed wallpaper the same day, so the error may relate to the two wallpapers releasing side-by-side.
  • Kirby can acquire 9,999 Beads and a streak of 999 in two stages: Tube Town and Whispy's Forest. In the former, Kirby can throw Yarn Balls (converted from Dandan projectiles) at Snip-Snaps infinitely to get the Beads; in the latter, Kirby can fire out of cannons to collect the same four Beads from Bronto Burts infinitely.[15]
  • On "The Official Home for Kirby" website, it incorrectly states that Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn was released in 2018, when it actually released in 2019.



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