Edit photos with Kirby's Epic Patchifyer and share them on Facebook!
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Kirby's Epic Patchifyer is a web game in the Kirby series. It was developed and published by Nintendo in 2011 as a promotion for Kirby's Epic Yarn. The game was held on the Kirby's Epic Yarn microsite on Nintendo of Europe's website until May or June 2018.[citation needed]


Kirby's Epic Patchifyer is a photograph editor. After uploading a photo and placing it in the frame, the player is able to apply various effects to it. One of three frames (brown, white and fuzzy, and blue and crenellated) can be placed on the photo's borders. With the stitch tool, the player can click and drag the cursor across the image to create stitching. The stitching comes in five patterns and eight colors: white, red, light green, dark green, yellow, sky blue, pink, and indigo. Patchwork can be added to the photo, and each piece can be rotated and resized. The 11 patchwork categories include:

Category Patches
Kirby 1 Off-Roader, Tankbot, Rocket, Fire Engine, Saucer
Kirby 2 Kirby jumping, Submarine, Pendulum, Parachute, Car
Kirby & Friends Kirby, Prince Fluff, Zeke
Bosses Yin-Yarn, King Dedede, Fangora, Meta Knight
Enemies Waddle Dee, Blipper, Bronto Burt, Uniclod
Buttons Cyan button with one yarn strand, brass button, red button, cyan button with two yarn strands, orange button with two yarn strands
Ocean Seashell, life preserver, anchor
Plants Foliage, cactus, palm tree, plateau, tree
Holidays Teddy bear, snowflake, snowman, stocking
Sky Rainbow, UFOs, Saturn, cloud
Misc Meat, lantern, star

Buttons below the tools and photo serve to ease the player's creation. The Instructions tab brings up a comprehensive walkthrough of each tool and button function. Undo undoes the last action the player performed, and can be clicked repeatedly to undo several actions. Redo redoes the player's last action, though using it repeatedly after a series of undos does not redo all the actions. Start Over deletes the photo and effects; as a safeguard, it requires two clicks to be performed.

When the player is content with his/her creation, the remaining three buttons come into play. Print allows the player to print the "Patchifyed" picture. Save lets him/her download it, and Share posts it to the user's Facebook account once Facebook's terms and conditions are accepted.

Related Quotes

Checking out and sharing photos you’ve snapped is always fun, but now there’s a way to infuse your picture collection with a splash of colourful Kirby charm!

Over at the official website for Kirby’s Epic Yarn, you can now try your hand at using the image-transforming Patchifyer. The Patchifyer enables you to upload photos then edit them to your heart’s content with a series of preset tools that will give a handmade quality to any pic in your collection.

Add buttons, character patches or stitching patterns as you get creative and give your photos an epic makeover! Once you’re done, use the option of sharing your handiwork on Facebook to ensure your friends can see your Patchifyed photos in all their glory. Alternatively, print out your edited pics or save them to use as you see fit.

Try out Kirby's Epic Patchifyer and infuse your photos with some of the visual magic that makes Kirby’s Epic Yarn for Wii so unique!
— Give your photos a makeover with the Kirby-themed Patchifyer! • Nintendo of Europe


Patchifier Example

Example image

  • Before uploading a photo, the player can choose to view an example photo. This image depicts a mother with her young daughter and son, the latter of which are wearing Halloween costumes. It is unclear why this picture was chosen, as the game was released approximately five months after Halloween.
  • As Kirby's Epic Patchifyer lacks any credits list, the name(s) of the developer(s) is unknown.
  • Kirby's Epic Patchifyer has more language options than any other Kirby Flash game, with 14 supported languages.[2]


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