Kirby's Egg-Cellent Adventure is the seventh episode of Kirby: Right Back At Ya!. It is notable for the first appearance of Dyna Blade.

Episode Synopsis

King Dedede purposely steals a giant egg that belongs to Dyna Blade. He later tricks Dyna Blade into thinking Kirby was the one who stole it.


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Dyna Feather

The Dyna Blade Feather

The episode starts off with King Dedede going bird watching with Escargoon trailing behind. As Dedede inspects the birds (which are Shy-birds, Fly-birds, Blue-birds, Two-birds, Crazy-birds and Lazy-birds), Escargoon notices that all the birds got scared and flew away. Suddenly, a huge black cloud shrouds Cappy Town and causes destruction, such as ripping off trees and causing the land to become barren, and even blowing away the mayor's sheep and demolishing Kirby's house. Dedede, amazed, tells Escargoon that they have just seen a legendary bird called the Dyna Blade.

Kirby Delusion

Kirby's Delusion

The citizens of Cappy Town then investigate the incident. Tiff along with Spikehead also investigate until Tuff comes along and says that the wind had blown down Kirby's house. Tiff then asks her dad, Sir Ebrum, if he had found anything out. He replies that it isn't radioactive and Chief Bookem suggests that it may be a tornado, with Lololo and Lalala's agreement. Tiff and Spikehead split up to see what if they could find something, while Tuff bumps into Professor Curio. Suddenly, Tiff calls everyone to come and see an important discovery: a Dyna Feather! Stunned, Prof. Curio starts to tell the Cappys a story about the Dyna Blade. He states that the Dyna Blade is: "A bird of ancient times with wings that shone like the sun and claws as sharp as swords. It appeared only once a century to Cappy Town to lay an egg and when the egg hatched, she'd leave and reappear 100 years later and repeat the process century after century". Curio then exclaims that Dyna Blade is searching for a place to lay her egg. Suddenly, three Cappy kids come and say that the fields are ravaged. Everyone runs to the fields where they see a whole patch of watermelons destroyed. One citizen complains that this was Kirby's doing, but Tiff says hat he has no proof. Ironically however, Kirby walks into the fields and eats a watermelon. Astonished and enraged, the citizens form a mob and chase Kirby. They chase Kirby all the way into the mountains, where he becomes hunger-struck. He starts to imagine food, first watermelons which he recalls the angered citizen and refuses, but then he thinks of cake where he eats it, but it turns out it was his imagination. Kirby then sees a platter of delicacies on the ground and chases after it. Unfortunately for Kirby, it turns out it was a trap set up by Dedede; Dedede ends up trapping Kirby in the back of his car and continues driving up the mountain. Little did Dedede and Escargoon know was that Tokkori and Rick were watching and Tokkori goes to follow Dedede.

Dyna Blade Anime

Dyna Blade!

Kirby's Egg-celent Adventure 2

Dedede's plan is a success

At the top of the mountain, Dedede and Escargoon bring Kirby to Dyna Blade's egg and convince him to eat it. To "sweeten" the bargain, Dedede leaves a pair of matches by Kirby and leaves the mountain. Kirby starts to get delusional, thinking of ways to cook the egg. Back in town, Rick picks up the decoy used by Dedede to capture Kirby and tells Tiff and Tuff that Dedede captured Kirby. Tiff and Tuff travel up the mountaintop until a piece of an eggshell hits Tuff on his head and shatters. Tiff says that the eggshell fell from at the top of the mountain. When they reach the top, Tiff and Tuff are shocked to see that the egg of Dyna Blade is broken and they assume that Kirby must've eaten it. Tiff then has a feeling that Dedede tricked Kirby into doing so, but suddenly Dyna Blade comes from nowhere. Frightened, Tiff and Tuff hide behind a rock to see Dyna Blade looking for her egg. Angered, Dyna Blade creates a storm and leaves to search for the culprit that took her egg. Unfortunately, Dedede is one step ahead and creates a picture of the culprit (Kirby), on an open field using mud symbolizing that Kirby was the one who ate her egg.. Dyna Blade passes over the field and falls for Dedede's plan and heads out looking for Kirby. Meanwhile, Kirby is down by the lake fishing when Tiff and Tuff find him. They are angered and say that all he cares about is food until Dyna Blade's cry interrupts. Dyna Blade tries to grab Kirby and misses, and Kine tells Kirby to run. Kirby does so and dodges some of Dyna Blade's attacks at the same time. When Kirby has nowhere to run however, Kine tells Kirby to go underwater because Dyna Blade can't get him there. Kirby does, but he loses oxygen quickly and is forced to resurface. While Dyna Blade is distracted, Kirby makes a run for Cappy Town, where, unfortunately, Dyna Blade is quickly on his tail. She flies over Cappy Town causing major devastation such as uprooting trees and toppling houses over. Tiff and Tuff try to convince Coo to wise talk to Dyna, but Coo says that nothing will replace Dyna Blade's loss. Kirby loses Dyna Blade for an instant, but she creates a huge gust of wind with her wings, causing Tiff, Tuff, Prof. Curio, Coo, and Kirby to be swept up in a tornado. After the tornado dissipates, Tiff notices Kirby in Dyna Blade's mouth. Dyna Blade tries to swallow Kirby, but using quick thinking, Tiff calls Kabu to send the Warp Star.

Dyna Blade Baby Anime

Dyna Blade and her chick

Kirby's Egg-celent Adventure End

A happy ending

Dyna Blade then grabs Kirby with her talons. However, Kirby squeezes out and heads to Dyna Blade's left wing where he his flung off, but luckily lands on the Warp Star. Kirby tries attacking Dyna Blade, but her body is too tough, making Kirby's attacks ricochet off her. She flings him yet again where he lands on the Warp Star. Kirby then uses a different strategy and starts to twirl around Dyna Blade. This makes her become dizzy and she plummets to the ground, but before she could, she regains consciousness. Tiff tells Kirby to suck up Dyna Blade, but its useless as Dyna Blade is too big and heavy. She lets loose a huge gust of wind from her mouth, which makes Kirby fall off his Warp Star, where he is yet again, caught by Dyna Blade. King Dedede and Escargoon try to take put Kirby using a cannonball, but Dyna Blade reflects the attack which causes Dedede's tank to explode. However, the Warp Star strikes Dyna Blade in the neck which makes her let go of Kirby, who falls to the ground below. Fortunately however, Kirby lands in the ocean. Kirby then meets up with Tiff and Tuff, but their reunion is cut short when Dyna Blade reappears. Kirby tries to make a run for it, but trips over a rock and gets stuck in a crevice. Doomed, Kirby tries to struggle free before Dyna Blade gets him. All of a sudden, Dyna Blade's baby comes out of nowhere with a banana peel, which makes Dyna Blade stop in her tracks. The baby tells Kirby that he's hungry and wants more food. Kirby manages to get out of the crevice and shakes a nearby tree to drop a banana from the top. The baby eats it and eats one more banana before it stares at his mother. Dyna Blade, filled with tears, lands on the ground to be reunited with her offspring. Dyna Blade looks at Kirby, who becomes frightened thinking he's going to be attacked again. However, Dyna Blade brushes her wing against Kirby as a form of thanks. Baffled, Tiff wonders how the chick knew Kirby; Kine responds saying that Kirby hatched the baby. Tokkori appears and says that Kirby was cooking the egg and he left to go warn someone. However, the fire sped up the hatching process, which means Kirby was going to eat the egg after all. This makes Dyna Blade glare at Kirby, who slowly walks away. Tiff says that someone should eat Kirby to teach him a lesson. Scared, Kirby runs away to a nearby hill. Tiff assures him that she was only kidding and that Kirby would be too tough to eat. Kirby, relieved, runs back to the group with joy, which marks the end of the episode.

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