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Character Image Dialogue
Narrator Walky A small country on a small planet, this is "Dream Land."
Narrator Walky Here, Kirby is passing another leisurely, carefree day.
Narrator Walky Then, that night...
Kirby Dream course kirby "I wonder if I'll have another wonderful dream tonight, gazing up at the stars."
Kirby Dream course kirby "Huh?"
Narrator Walky Something seemed odd.
Narrator Walky Usually there were many stars twinkling brightly in the sky.
Narrator Walky But tonight, only one of the stars had appeared!
Narrator Walky From that night on, those lonely evenings continued for many days.
Narrator Walky Kirby, worried about the missing stars, stares at the night sky once again.
Kirby Dream course kirby "What!?"
Narrator Walky Just then...
King Dedede KDC King Dedede sprite "Nyehehehe! There was one left!"
Narrator Walky He caught King Dedede stealing the only remaining star!
Narrator Walky To restore the beautiful stars to Dream Land's night sky...
Narrator Walky ...Kirby takes off after King Dedede.
Narrator Walky Your goal is to get to the King's floating castle. Good luck, Kirby!

Note: This introduction is only included in the Japanese release of the game.

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