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Kirby's Adventure Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land
One day, the peaceful life of Dream Land was shattered by a mysterious crisis! The inhabitants didn't dream! The peaceful world of Dream Land is in great danger.
On the edge of Dream Land, dreams and hope once gushed forth from the Dream Spring, fueled by the Star Rod. In Dream Land, dreams always flowed from the wonderful Fountain of Dreams.
The Fountain of Dreams collected the hopes and dreams of all living things.
It was also responsible for the sweet dreams and rest that come from deep sleep.
But one day, everyone in Dream Land lost the ability to sleep!
Investigating the Dream Spring, Kirby found naughty King Dedede swimming in its magical waters! King DeDeDe was bathing in the Fountain of Dreams!
Dedede had broken the Star Rod and given the pieces to his friends, who are now hiding in Dream Land! He had even taken the Star Rod----the source of the fountain's power----and broken it into pieces that he gave to his underlings.
To bring back the lost dreams, Kirby sought the Star Rod! Now, Kirby must embark on an adventure...
to restore peaceful nap times to all the residents of Dream Land...

Ending Cutscene

Kirby's Adventure Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land
Kirby fought to find the Star Rod, Our hero Kirby has fought bravely to recover the Star Rod...
but King Dedede did not mean any harm... but King DeDeDe didn't mean any harm.
He certainly wasn't trying to harm the Fountain of Dreams.
Bad Dreams had invaded Dream Land! It all began when Nightmares appeared in the fountain.
A Nightmare came to the Dream Spring The Nightmares rode the currents of the Fountain of Dreams,
and tried to cause pain to the people! wreaking havoc and tormenting the residents of Dream Land.
Dedede foiled the Nightmare When King DeDeDe hid the Star Rod, the power source of the Fountain of Dreams,
by hiding the Star Rod from him! he was actually hiding it safely away from the Nightmares.
Dedede helped Kirby beat the Nightmare! Borrowing King DeDeDe's power, Kirby managed to defeat the Nightmares.
Now, everyone's dreams will return. Now that the Star Rod is returned to the fountain, everyone's dreams will return.
Tonight Dream Land will sleep well! So fluff up your pillow, and get ready for a good night's sleep...