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This is a portal (links) page to official music media featured in Kirby's Adventure. Table uses level 4 and 5 headers that can be linked to.

Note: The user may experience varying degrees of slowdown when accessing the page due to high memory usage caused by the large number of Youtube links.

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Music Library


"+" Pieces that have better musical theme development for its length. This is not an indicator of (subjective) "quality", but sets apart pieces from others that merely loop / modulate (key change) / repeat with only instrumental variation.
V Music linked to file with video data originally streamed together with the audio
v Music linked to file with modified video data
K Karaoke stream. Music only, no voice stream
L Low-quality audio
(time) Length of audio
[time] Time of stream when audio actually starts (link has the same time code)
  • Tracks are in lossless encoding
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