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This is a portal (links) page to official music media featured in Kirby's Adventure. Table uses level 4 and 5 headers that can be linked to.

Note: The user may experience varying degrees of slowdown when accessing the page due to high memory usage caused by the large number of Youtube links.

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Music Library


"+" Pieces that have better musical theme development for its length. This is not an indicator of (subjective) "quality", but sets apart pieces from others that merely loop / modulate (key change) / repeat with only instrumental variation.
V Music linked to file with video data originally streamed together with the audio
v Music linked to file with modified video data
K Karaoke stream. Music only, no voice stream
L Low-quality audio
(time) Length of audio
[time] Time of stream when audio actually starts (link has the same time code)

All music

All music
(as ordered below)-Use link


01 It's Kirby!
Intro, Kirby painting(0:09)
Basic throbberU32P8NX-eXY25040px010iframe
02 Legend of the Dream Spring
Main menu / story(1:16)
Basic throbbernug-wi1kJjw25040px010iframe
03 Vegetable Valley Map
Vegetable Valley overworld(0:53)
Basic throbber7_-a7TSrYy425040px010iframe
04 Ice Cream Island Map
Ice Cream Island overworld(0:30)
Basic throbberx34JJiQasgY25040px010iframe
05 Butter Building Map
Butter Building overworld(0:26)
Basic throbberopp3v8EA8Mk25040px010iframe
06 Grape Garden Map
Grape Garden overworld(0:35)
Basic throbberTg9VvpLxcCM25040px010iframe
07 Yogurt Yard Map
Yogurt Yard overworld(0:28)
Basic throbberQz2NKcWarDs25040px010iframe
08 Orange Ocean Map
Orange Ocean overworld(0:53)
Basic throbberxm1GDLH3SDg25040px010iframe
09 Rainbow Resort Map
Rainbow Resort overworld(0:33)
Basic throbberbaG2Q_u_K1Q25040px010iframe
10 Vegetable Valley (Grassland)
Vegetable Valley / Grass-themed areas(1:51)
Basic throbberY1NrQLP1f5o25040px010iframe
11 Vegetable Valley (Forest)
Vegetable Valley / Forest or dark areas - used as Cabbage Cavern theme(1:41)
Basic throbberH__931uLyOc25040px010iframe
12 Ice Cream Island
Ice Cream Island(2:05)
Basic throbberRrS2nlq7v9Q25040px010iframe
13 Butter Building
Butter Building(1:41)
Basic throbber46aZvyjCN0g25040px010iframe
14 Grape Garden
Grape Garden(1:35)
Basic throbber9Ni8qSzTNVk25040px010iframe
15 Yogurt Yard
Yogurt Yard(1:53)
Basic throbberpPDCIJMv7C825040px010iframe
16 Sky-themed levels
Yogurt Yard / Sky areas(1:57)
Basic throbberPWxpMxp9SDw25040px010iframe
17 Orange Ocean
Orange Ocean(1:32)
Basic throbberTgrskhC5ZnE25040px010iframe
18 Rainbow Resort
Rainbow Resort(1:35)
Basic throbberygqumIsunoo25040px010iframe
19 Kirby Dance
Kirby Dance(0:05)
Basic throbberF5e1F9jkIdQ25040px010iframe
20 Crane Fever
Crane Fever(1:27)
Basic throbberwfPf21749cM25040px010iframe
21 Egg Catcher
Egg Catcher(0:50)
Basic throbberLaSloLQzOrU25040px010iframe
22 Quick Draw
Quick Draw(0:04)
Basic throbber-VcJ1pL9Lgs25040px010iframe
23 Foul
Quick Draw Foul(0:05)
Basic throbberegX5sJb9JC825040px010iframe
24 No Bonus
No bonus(0:06)
Basic throbberpbE0PEpJgYo25040px010iframe
25 Bonus
Basic throbberod3MNC-I2cc25040px010iframe
26 Big Bonus
Big Bonus(0:06)
Basic throbberz57KDLycaN825040px010iframe
27 Museum
Basic throbberJDIlStY5rTY25040px010iframe
28 Lollipop
Invincibility Candy(0:23)
Basic throbber_owWPZluT2c25040px010iframe
29 Fight for the Star Rod
vs King Dedede(1:09)
Basic throbberBt1JsbZnlKI25040px010iframe
30 Kirby Down
All hitpoints lost(0:05)
Basic throbberds-_sO0PBM025040px010iframe
31 Game Over
All lives lost(0:05)
Basic throbbereH2t5CJulEY25040px010iframe
32 Star Jingle
Goal game star jingle(0:15)
Basic throbberOsmGVJp1ehI25040px010iframe
33 The Fountain of Dreams
the Fountain of Dreams(0:40)
Basic throbberm6WLe_W8iSA25040px010iframe
34 Orb of Darkness
Nightmare first phase(0:43)
Basic throbberHW-hIRjdJyI25040px010iframe
35 Nightmare
Nightmare second phase(1:34)
Basic throbberEj3NSkimULg25040px010iframe
36 Epilogue
Basic throbber59Tqp5DtVPw25040px010iframe
37 Staff Credits
Staff Credits(1:12)
Basic throbberARKquC_3KcM25040px010iframe
38 Kirby of the Stars
Kirby's theme(0:41)
Basic throbberEiVYF1UFC0o25040px010iframe

Sound Effects

39 All Sound Effects
All sound effects(2:47)
Basic throbber-omZ9OJt1lc25040px010iframe
  • Tracks are in lossless encoding
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