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|<h5>[ All music]</h5>||(as ordered below)||-||Use link
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This is a portal (links) page to official music media featured in Kirby's Adventure. Table uses level 4 and 5 headers that can be linked to.

Note: The user may experience varying degrees of slowdown when accessing the page due to high memory usage caused by the large number of Youtube links.

If one is experiencing major slowdown use this list at KRR instead.

Music Library


"+" Pieces that have better musical theme development for its length. This is not an indicator of (subjective) "quality", but sets apart pieces from others that merely loop / modulate (key change) / repeat with only instrumental variation.
V Music linked to file with video data originally streamed together with the audio
v Music linked to file with modified video data
K Karaoke stream. Music only, no voice stream
L Low-quality audio
(time) Length of audio
[time] Time of stream when audio actually starts (link has the same time code)

All music

All music
(as ordered below)-Use link


01 It's Kirby!
Intro, Kirby painting(0:09)
02 Legend of the Dream Spring
Main menu / story(1:16)
03 Vegetable Valley Map
Vegetable Valley overworld(0:53)
04 Ice Cream Island Map
Ice Cream Island overworld(0:30)
05 Butter Building Map
Butter Building overworld(0:26)
06 Grape Garden Map
Grape Garden overworld(0:35)
07 Yogurt Yard Map
Yogurt Yard overworld(0:28)
08 Orange Ocean Map
Orange Ocean overworld(0:53)
09 Rainbow Resort Map
Rainbow Resort overworld(0:33)
10 Vegetable Valley (Grassland)
Vegetable Valley / Grass-themed areas(1:51)
11 Vegetable Valley (Forest)
Vegetable Valley / Forest or dark areas(1:41)
12 Ice Cream Island
Ice Cream Island(2:05)
13 Butter Building
Butter Building(1:41)
14 Grape Garden
Grape Garden(1:35)
15 Yogurt Yard
Yogurt Yard(1:53)
16 Sky-themed levels
Yogurt Yard / Sky areas(1:57)
17 Orange Ocean
Orange Ocean(1:32)
18 Rainbow Resort
Rainbow Resort(1:35)
19 Kirby Dance
Kirby Dance(0:05)
20 Crane Fever
Crane Fever(1:27)
21 Egg Catcher
Egg Catcher(0:50)
22 Quick Draw
Quick Draw(0:04)
23 Foul
Quick Draw Foul(0:05)
24 No Bonus
No bonus(0:06)
25 Bonus
26 Big Bonus
Big Bonus(0:06)
27 Museum
28 Lollipop
Invincibility Candy(0:23)
29 Fight for the Star Rod
vs King Dedede(1:09)
30 Kirby Down
All hitpoints lost(0:05)
31 Game Over
All lives lost(0:05)
32 Star Jingle
Goal game star jingle(0:15)
33 The Fountain of Dreams
the Fountain of Dreams(0:40)
34 Orb of Darkness
Nightmare first phase(0:43)
35 Nightmare
Nightmare second phase(1:34)
36 Epilogue
37 Staff Credits
Staff Credits(1:12)
38 Kirby of the Stars
Kirby's theme(0:41)

Sound Effects

39 All Sound Effects
All sound effects(2:47)
  • Tracks are in lossless encoding
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