King Golem is a boss in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, and is found in the sanctuary in Moonlight Mansion. As the first boss of the game, he is a stone pillar who rules over the Golems of the Mirror World. He stomps wildly on the ground with his broad, stony hands. This causes rocks, and the occasional Gordo, to fall from the ceiling. King Golem can also expel Golems from his mouth to do his bidding throughout the battle. In the background of his area are stained-glass windows depicting several of the game's bosses.

Physical Appearance

King Golem is a sentient stone tower who resides deep within a haunted house in the Mirror World known as Moonlight Mansion. He is similar to Whispy Woods in his basic structure. He greatly resembles his stone brethren and is made completely of stone. He has a grand stone moustache and a lofty body that is made of thousands of stone bricks. Being a tower, the Golem King has no lower body so his hands sit firmly on the ground. Unlike Whispy, who is organic, King Golem is made out of stone.


Kirby can use the statue-like foes as ammo or swallow it for one of several abilities. He can be defeated in around 4-5 seconds by using the Hammer or Smash ability's Giant Swing move consecutively while in midair. Alternately, the Stone ability can also make short work of him. The Ice ability can do the same.


Golems originate from ancient Jewish folklore. They are large creatures made from stone and clay that are brought to life to carry out deeds for its creator/owner.



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