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King Fuwa Rover is a large enemy in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby: Triple Deluxe. He also functions as a Mid-boss, since he must be defeated in order to progress, and he has multiple phases during his battle.

Physical Appearance

King Fuwa Rover is a very large relative of the Fuwa Rover and looks very similar to his other, smaller relative, the Ace Fuwa Rover. He wears a magenta witch's hat with purple stripes, and a golden, one-lined crown on top of it. The ghost has a thick, white ring around his gaping mouth and a periwinkle body with wing-like arms. King Fuwa Rover has a metal gray skull mask for a face. His yellow eyes are curvy and menacing.


Kirby: Triple Deluxe

King Fuwa Rover only appears in Stage 3 of Wild World and Stage 8 of Royal Road. When Hypernova Kirby approaches the door to finish the stage, the huge ghost appears and covers it with a sheet, causing it to vanish. King Fuwa Rover will possess a group of objects one at a time, and he will either come out of it and attack Kirby, or attack him while inside the object. When he isn't attacking Kirby, his objects are too high off the ground to be inhaled. If the ghost attacks downward to Kirby's level, the hero can inhale the possessed object -- King Fuwa Rover will immediately escape it.

King Fuwa Rover first takes control of a vase, which rushes horizontally at Kirby. When that is inhaled, he controls a cuckoo clock, which swoops down at the hero. Once it's swallowed, the ghost seizes a portrait of Cookie Country's landscape; like the cuckoo clock, the portrait also swoops to attack. After Kirby inhales this, King Fuwa Rover possesses a grand piano with sharp teeth. It attacks by slamming down on the pink puff from above.

After Kirby inhales the piano, the ghost falls prey to the pink puff's suction. With a mighty gulp, Kirby defeats King Fuwa Rover.

In Stage 8 of Royal Road, King Fuwa Rover only attacks using the painting and the piano.


  • Whether King Fuwa Rover is the leader of his species or not is unknown.
  • When King Fuwa Rover possesses the piano, it bears a very strong resemblance to the Mad Piano, an enemy from Super Mario 64.
  • A painting of Magolor can be seen in the background of the room where King Fuwa Rover is fought, next to a painting of Taranza.
  • Of all the enemies that are defeated exclusively with the Hypernova ability, King Fuwa Rover is one of the five that are treated like mid-bosses. The others are the Mowlee Bros., the Gigant Chicks, Waddle Dee Steel Fortress, and the Winged Eggers.

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